Television & Tan Lines

Some days on vacation:
we deepen tan line’s contrast, then soak up a baby pink, baby blue sunset over a pineapple palm.
PhotobucketSome days outdoors:
we frolic in Northwest’s puddles, shorelines and playgrounds.
Some days indoors:
we battle power struggles as television takes hold, in pleas and sadness.
we encircle our TV in a family movie, in laughter and relaxation.

Today, I’m over [HERE].

Television, Thoughtfully

…Some days, it feels as if I’ve earned a demerit badge on my earth-mama, knitter-mama, natural-mama sash.  Some days, it feels good to put on a kid show to sip a slow, freshly frothy mocha latte in a quiet kitchen…[Click HERE to read more]


  • Elissa says:

    thank you for this post. tv has TAKEN over here lately and i am not even able to entirely put my finger on why. schedule? sickness? cold, dreary, depressing spring?

    still, it's “good” tv and it is supervised tv and it actually stimulates their playtime when they aren't watching. and soon the school schedule will be over, the weather will be better and they can slow down on the tube.

    meanwhile, i'll get me GLEE fix at night on HULU 😉

  • What a refreshingly honest post! Thank you so much for this.

    When my oldest was 2 and had given up napping for good, I coped by letting him watch Sesame Street while I did some yoga. It took me awhile to not feel guilty about it and just be able to enjoy some time to myself.

    Now I feel that I can fully appreciate measured t.v. watching for the enjoyment, relaxation, laughter and education it can provide.

  • MJ says:

    Great post. Television is not the enemy. What I have found, as with anything, it is always about balance. Swearing off is as bad as leaving it unsupervised and unlimited, in my opinion anyway…

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