Thinking of you

On Sunday, we went for a glorious hike and looked out at the Olympic Peninsyla. You chased rocks in ocean’s surf, attacked driftwood creatrures on the beach. Your tail wagged all day, especially during the car ride. On the night you couldn’t climb the stairs to sleep in our bedroom, who knew it would be the first and last time.
You watched Betty eat breakfast the next morning. She said,”Before I was a little girl in your tummy, I was a beautiful flower. And when it was time for me not to be a flower anymore, I went into your belly. Then, I came out of your belly and was a little girl. I was me.”
When Betty woke up from her afternoon nap, we had to tell her you weren’t there, as she always gave you a cookie before supper. We told her it was time for you to turn into flowers. She cired. A lot. Then, she said you were a great dog, her dog, in fact.
Today, we all hope you run happily with Jonah, Buddy, Flan, Daisy, and all the other great doggie pals you’ve enountered in your 84+ dog years.

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