This Moment {A Middle Half Birthday}


This moment.  
A Friday ritual.  A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  A moment I want to pause, savor and remember because it’s what life is all about.

Eight years ago, over pizza and beside the sea on the tip of a neighboring island, Luke and I had the half birthday conversation.
A year is an exceptionally long time to wait, especially to a child.  A year holds an exceptionally profound amount of change, especially within a child, we said.
Now, in our home of five full with routines and schedules we thrive on spontaneity and celebrations.  With three little girls so close in age we understand how very much they value their solo time in the spotlight.
Today Lucy May turns five and a half.  Sigh.  Half way to six.  
We made apple muffins and she even got to turn the handle of the old, metal apple peeler-corer.  
Today our middle girl will get half a muffin after morning maple oatmeal and school’s braided hair.  We’ll sing half of the Happy Birthday song and hand over the other half for good luck.  
Funny, I used to think she was the most wavering, the most unstable of my daughter’s personalities.  Now I see she’s so much like me, and she’s so very much the glue that completes her sisters and her family.  Her vivaciousness keeps us real.  
Today is going to be awesome.

[um…weird green flare…]
Happy Friday.


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