This Moment {she turned five}


A Friday ritual. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

~joining Soule Mama

and one more 
of this very special moment
just for now
The last seven days’ moments
extend to Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn
seen clearly with the eye,
unable to blink.
Our middle daughter turned five,
and I’ve written pages and pages in black ink on yellow legal pads
about her, 
there’s more to come on her special, fabulous day.

photo credit matt steuer
I finished the full, the entire half-marathon,
my guy and our girls showed up at water stations,
most beautiful for sure,
cheered through truck windows rolled down 
along hilly pavement
(see?!  cute, they’re on photo’s right)


photo credit matt steuer

I made it with help from the most lovely of mama pals
really, I couldn’t have done it without them
And even though I cried, running uphill into the wind
mile eleven to be exact,
for an end in sight with a cheeseburger
after running past a strong BBQ breeze,
I finished.  We finished.  
(Well, one awesome mama pal couldn’t run,
so I guess that means there’s another one of these in our future.)
This week also brought lessons on life
from an orphaned lamb, Fee Lamby Fuzzball,
we were taking care of so the middle girl could
be a farmer for her birthday.
It didn’t make it past the middle girl’s special day,
and there were tears and frowns
but there were questions that linger in my mind:

What will we do?  Bury it? asks Betty.  No, Let’s eat it.  We’ll celebrate it that way.  Like meatloaf, only lamb loaf, says Lucy.

I’m sad but I’m so glad we aren’t sheep, says Lucy.  Yeah, me too, says Betty.
I wonder which one of us mama would have kept? asks Lucy.  Well, obviously mama would have kept me.  Sorry, Lucy and Olive it looks like you’re orphaned lambs, says Betty.

And now,
apple pie for dinner
tired feet on ottoman
luggage packed for a tropical trip
ice pack on sore legs that ran once again
a little girl coughing upstairs
a cat snoring
a dog dreaming in tail wags on our wood floor
to-do list oh, goodness the to-do list
knitting needles ignored
loose ends dangling:
Sometimes there are weeks full with lots to learn from, lots to smile about:
It was a week 
It was really one, beautiful moment…


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