this moment {skate park} & keeping it real #5

This Moment

A Friday ritual. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember because it’s what summer is all about
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Keeping it Real No. 5

~ girl’s night out at the movies, even if rock of ages wasn’t the early 90s big hair band hysterical musical i expected it to be.
~ with grandma’s 90th birthday in three days, 
finding pictures of her first birthday is just a joy.
~ half-way done with play research, so pen to paper with scene to scene is soon.
~ thrifty thursday is back!  i hope to have you link up next thursday.
~ betty loving  her Hoopla skateboard and her new time filling sport.
~ early morning run in a different state, a city we used to live in, followed by the best pancakes made by old friends as our children played and giggled: perfect.
~ migraines, waning and waxing for three days, really make most of a week evaporate.  thankful for friends like family and imatrex.
~ forest fires in siberia yeah, really making our island smokey, my breathing wheezy.
~ the rattling in our car isn’t just the new jack white album we can’t stop listening to, but some kind of front end beat.  lame.
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