This Moment {slugs}

{This Moment}

A Friday ritual. No words. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

~Soule Mama


{Camera Words}
I’ve been taking so many pictures when I’m in a moment. I’m learning more and more about my camera and it’s blowing me away.  I’m testing settings and trying to see the best way to swallow and savor a scene.  I wish I could start a little camera group on this tiny island, sort of like book club, where we share treats and tips and mini assignments.  But I’d probably never make it to a meeting or I’d drop the ball on the assignment part; it’s nice to wish.  Meanwhile, I’ll stay in love with this book.  This week, this moment has been all about fall-like fog’s return to our early morning and the slug visits that accompany tour porch.  The girls giggle unglued with this book, so we stop to say hello every chance we get.  On this particular moment, Olive was smitten.
When I uploaded the pictures, I had 39 all different, settings shifting in practice.
I couldn’t get over how different the message of the picture was when I changed perspectives.
This Moment’s shot is my favorite of the set.
Here’s picture #3 from the set and a different photo entirely:
Have a wonderful weekend, all the while changing perspectives whenever it feels right.
The power is about to shut off with an islands-wide outage……


  • Tracey says:

    You know, I never see slugs around here; maybe it's just too hot for them here. Hope your weekend is a great one and you enjoy your camera.xx

  • Tonya says:

    Oh, I remember the mammoth slugs from when I lived in the Northwest! I had to show my husband your photo – his actual words “Wow, they're big and juicy.” I am currently waging war with our smaller version in my garden.

    I love your idea for a camera group – I've been fiddling around these days with my point-and-shoot and Picnik and I'm having a super time testing the creative boundaries of photography!

    Here's our moment this week:

  • Big slugs – glad they are not in my backyard – about to start spring planting.

    One of my favourite blogs for photos is “enjoying the small things” Kelle takes fantastic photos from some neat perspectives and has given me ideas for more creative shots – now I want a camera with more settings than my little leica.

  • Emily says:

    They are both wonderful pictures. Who would have thought slugs could be such a great subject.

  • This photo is fantastic! How fun to see the cool, everyday wonders that might otherwise be overlooked!

    Happy Fall to you!

  • i have a love hate with slugs. i love them when they are NOT in my garden. these are awesome and HUGE! i am very much sharing your intrigue with the camera these days. it’s all baby steps for me because for some reason i’m intimidated, but i’m seeing progress and it’s fun. photoshop will be the next hurdle and it scares me to death! love these very different shots!

    have a good one!

  • Trish says:

    Wonderful creatures!

  • Angela says:

    Love your photo. I have the same book and haven't sat down with it yet. I just got my 'real' camera back and with fall coming, I think it's time to get into it. Have a great weekend!

  • Val Curtis says:

    Posted a slug pic for ya. Like the photo club idea…wanna talk about co-creating an SJI Amateurs Photo Club via FB? Let's chat. I'll meet you in the line at Roy's. 😉

  • MJ says:

    lovely photos!! and my daughter would have loved to play with those slugs!! blogging has me completely obsessed with photography lately, of course right? so much inspiration flying around here, hard not to catch the bug (no pun intended, hee hee).

    have a beautiful weekend!!
    xx oo

  • My son would love your slugs. He spent a long month going out every morning looking for one to add to his snail tank. He finally found one-and watches it come out at night. And thanks for the book! It looks great.

  • steph says:

    Thanks for hopping in to my blog, so I was able to find yours. I LOVE your photography (and love the slugs–I caught a great slug shot on a mushroom this summer…for some reason my husband–PapaGeek–has a love/hate relation with slugs!) I'm a very novice picture-taker (can't even call myself a photographer)–but hope to discover stuff like you talk about. (I'd join your “club” in a second!) I did order the book–thanks for the suggestion!
    Happy weekending!

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