This Moment: Three on Halloween


This moment.
A Friday ritual.  A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  A moment I want to pause, savor and remember because it’s what life is all about.

Favorites of Olive at Three
Hide and Seek
Row, Row, Row Your Boat on Mama’s lap
Going on a Bear Hunt
wagon rides
dress up with Lucy
twisty slides
spinach smoothies
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on television
Yo Gaba Gaba on Mama’s iPhone
dancing with Betty
crayons, paper in art area
playing piano with sisters
puzzles by myself
banana bread french toast
yoga when it’s dark out
picking apples wearing my fuzzy coat
I always smile when someone hands me a lollipop or reads me a story.
I am happy when I am riding on a bicycle.
I like to wear fancy shoes.
I like to tell knock knock jokes.
I really like to play playdoh.
I can’t wait until I lose a tooth like my sisters.
I love playing at the beach with a bucket when it’s warm.
I miss snow.
Something I like to do alone is take a warm bubble-y bath with my toy whales.
My favorite animal is a sea turtle.
If I could I would eat berries all day long.
When I grow up I want to be a famous draw-er and a pie baker.
There are days when I can’t believe she’s ours, like I can’t believe she came to our family and into our lives one Halloween morning just three years ago.  I can’t believe she’s who grew within my belly, I can’t believe it was her foot I felt all that time.  She’s the sweetest, cuddliest of all our girls.  She is hilarious.  Sigh.  She’s ours.
One recent and early morning I woke when she was standing beside my bed.  Good morning, Olive, I said. I’m not Olive, she said.  I’m a hard banana that doesn’t peel so don’t even try it.  I’m not at all squishy.
So, on this day, her third trip around the sun, it was exactly as she wanted..  I woke at five, wrapped my hair into Princess Leia braids and made apple pancakes from scratch.  I packed lunches, laid out Halloween costumes and made coffee, all before 7:00 AM.  We opened gifts beneath the eyeball-lighted tree.
She just loves the ducks she asked me to knit her for her birthday.  She was so surprised I actually made them.  But of course.

We sang Happy Birthday, Olive so many times.  We hung out by the Halloween tree, strung with eyeball lights before the sun was up.  We opened gifts and talked to distant family on the phone.  The day also held three classroom parties, a costume parade, a birthday dinner and trick or treating.
Rain-soaked at 9:00 PM, Olive said her day was perfect.

Betty’s Star Wars love spread out to the entire family, but at the last minute she decided to be a witch and was delighted to carry a broom. Lucy decided to be Mama Yoda and Olive said she was Baby Yoda.  For a short while, Lucy was going to be Mama Yoda fairy Godmother Yoda, but it was just too many wings and wands and accessories.

Luke had wanted to be Garth Vader, you know wear a cowboy belt and a western shirt with the Darth costume but somewhere in the heavy rain and rush of the night that part of his costume got lost.  We had amazing surprise guests which made our Halloween wonderful.  There were classroom parties, dinner with friends, sidewalk trick or treating with familiar faces.  If I tried, the day couldn’t have been more full.
When I asked Olive if she wanted to have a party, she didn’t just say yes.  She said, I want an eyeball party and I want three friends because I will be three.
She’s determined and focused, funny and kind-hearted.  She’s stubborn and loud and cute and cuddly, all at the same time.  I feel so lucky she’s ours.  Years ago, I never would have imagined we’d have three daughters.  It’s amazing how things can work out so perfectly.
blowing kisses to the wind on a swing
I made a vanilla five-layer cake (because there’s five people in our family) with cream cheese frosting and placed her favorite candy atop for decoration.  Who knew Halloween Peeps were so cool?!  She colored and stuck googly-eyes onto pictures, scavenger hunted for tiny trinkets she picked out at our friend’s store.
Glow and the dark witch fingers and eyeball bouncy balls were perfect additions, too.
She wanted a pumpkin pinata.  I wanted to fill it with dental floss, Luke filled it with her favorite candy.
I’m not sure we’ve ever done that before, the candy I mean.  We let her plan the whole day, just let it all happen the way she’d pictured for so many nights before bed.  Something about having three children made me wonder if wishes and wants get lost sometimes in the must-dos of our days.  I realize this more as time goes on.   So I collected eyeballs, found a pinata.  Good friends dropped off eyeball candies, lights and other eyeball items found on the mainland.
It’s amazing to see her love of hand-me-downs from her sisters.  When I was pregnant with her, I made a shirt with fabric scraps for Betty.  Betty helped design it, insisting it say Meow on the back.  At the end of that summer, it won a blue ribbon at the County Fair’s Trash to Treasure.  For a few years, Lucy wore it and loved it.  And now, just in time for Olive’s birthday kitty pants, the shirt is hers.  She couldn’t be happier about sister’s kitty shirt.


  • what amazing Halloween photos. I missed it this year as we were away and I'd had so many ideas before hand, even saving the little blue eggs that come mixed in with the brown ones to try and make eyeballs! Never mind I can enjoy it through all these photos instead.
    Have an awesome weekend.

  • nunu says:

    well happy birthday! what a day for your sweet little yoda! we had the same baby yoda costume on our little one this halloween – which for us too was a star wars year. we all went as a jedi family. i love all of your creations. that kitty shirt is awesome. and of course all the knits. btw, the yarn i'm using is just lion brand amazing yarn. great price for the yarn. it's made in italy. i wanted noro but took this as second best at half the price.

  • Jesse says:

    You inspire me to just breathe. Thank you.

  • Tracey says:

    Your three year old little darling is getting so big! I am so glad you had such a great day, how awesome to be born on Halloween!
    Hey, I wanted to ask you, pecans don't grow in your area?
    I would love to know more about your area and what you can grow, it really is so different from this side of the world;)

  • Kim says:

    Olive is beautiful! (All your girls are) It looked like a wonderful birthday and she's got some good ideas…being a draw-er or a baker sounds perfect. What a special day your family made for her.

  • Happy birthday to Olive, love your halloween outfits especially the yoda ears. Hard to imagine now what we used to do with all our time per kids. Olive likes a lot of the same stuff as Georgie – we had endless games of hide and seek at age 3 too.

  • Oops should say pre kids, damn spell check!

  • I love your pictures, love your comments about your family. How beautiful. This is what life is about. Man is that he might have joy, and Mom, too.

  • karen says:

    Oh what a special celebration! I really think it's nifty that numbers mean so much- three- five, so cool!! Glad your daughter liked her duck that you knitted. Your photography is beautiful 🙂

  • PKJ says:

    What a cool day for a birthday. Sounds like you had a great celebration.

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