this moment {tide pools} & Keeping it Real No. 6

Friday ritual. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

~joining Soule Mama

Keeping it Real No. 6
In the wax and wanes that are our weeks, this week holds only wax.  Good friends, the kind felt as friends-like-family where time spans half a decade and we pick up right where we left off.  It’s often the case, with friends from childhood I’ve high-fived and hugged throughout college, stood smiling at their wedding and called first when we learned I was pregnant.  Except, we’ve created another human in the almost five years since we’ve last been in the same space with smiles and conversations.  And amazingly, they’ve welcomed into the world the little baby they waited so very long to meet, their little baby we’ve all waited so way-too-long to meet. 
We miss him around here dearly; little Henry fit in perfectly.  I love that baby, Mama, Olive would say pointing to Henry.  I know, Olive, I’d say, unsure of how we were going to let them travel all the way back to the east coast so far from here and us.  
It feels like finding a hundred dollar bill which has never happened to me, by the way when visitors come to our island and stay under sunshine, little wind, warm weather, little fog with Olympic Mountain Views, and Orca whale sightings.  Two great beach days, low tide wave ripples beneath our toes:

My folks arrived in time for my father’s 74th birthday, for three little granddaughters who missed them so very much.  All this east coast in one coastal home felt great, felt like only lobster was missing.  Full, these sunny days of late.

August Break 2012
I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, reading aloud to the girls.  I’ve been cleaning out closets for Fall, baking pies for smiles.  I’ve been writing, writing and thinking some more about writing.  My latest play is coming along nicely.

I am so excited to be participating in August Break.  It’s a practice behind the lens and beside my family in a way to be more present, more constant.  I’ll be posting a picture each day, with a few regular posts here and there.  Paragraphs here, poetic lines there.  

Happy Summer.  Embrace this month, this light.  


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