this moment: to the sea & keeping it real No. 3


This Moment
A Friday ritual. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember because it’s what summer is all about
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Keeping it Real No. 3
I only knew what was in my mind, and I wish to express it clearly.  
Ulysses S. Grant

~ falling in love all over again with beaches and swim suits and sand toys.  so glad the sun came out after so much grey.
~ watching the eldest’s underbite fixed in moments with a new retainer.  so happy for orthodontists that travel to our island.  who knew retainers come in glow in the dark tie dye with an elephant in the middle?  so cool to see betty’s new profile. 
~ spending hours on west-side beaches, toes stretched to the ocean with sun on my face while the girls play.  so fun to sit beside mama pals on beach blankets again.
~  perfecting the iced mocha at home with cafe vita’s queen city beans.  
~  finally arriving at the end of a newly written poem.  two lines make all the difference.
~  end of school and, finally, all girls together again.  little sisters have missed betty so much.
~  the line up of doe bay fest announced.  so totally excited.  and so, a new musical crush: bison.  
~  holding my sweet little babe in the early morning as she sobs for her pacifier.  i miss my faffy.  faffy my friend.  i loved my faffies.  
~  jack white coming to seattle, but knowing the costs of permits and sheetrock and insulation; the costs of a home renovation keep us from fun at our fingertips.
~  after flip flop days and sunburn and deep blue skies, the return of deep grey rain.
~  slap stick garden comedy for the girls:  stepping on a banana slug in bare feet.  sliding on it, really.  i still haven’t recovered from how that felt.
~  not being in an airplane right now en route to New Hampshire, to my college reunion.  the same old excuse of money and time and kids and money.
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  • Hope the faffie becomes a distant memory…and that blue skies come back soon! We are about to get lots of rain so I'm with you on that one. 🙂

  • Tracey says:

    There is something soul touching about the beach isn't there? One of my goals was to take advantage of the area I live in instead of working on the farm all the time so now I am making time each week for waves, water and sand.
    I here you about the money, time and kid's thing! Sometimes it's just no fun to have to act like a grown up!
    Much love to you and your wee one who is missing her faffy.

  • That photo is amazing. I love it!
    And the beach, oh the beach. Give the ocean a kiss for me, okay?

  • Imene says:

    The sea nourishes my soul. I grew up by the ocean and it's the one thing i miss so dearly. Enjoy!!
    My daughter used to call her binky wawa. She eventually stopped asking for it but the first month she would if she was tired or hurt. I hope yours will soon accept faffy is gone

  • sliding on a banana slug! omg! poor little one missing her faffy.
    Enjoy that lovely sea water.

  • Oh! please let us know if you perfect that ice mocha at home. it's not easy to do.
    lovey pic, as usual.

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