This Moment {we created}

{This Moment}

A Friday ritual. No words. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

~Soule Mama
[ I know, I’ve been cheating on the no words part of these moments ]
We created this week.  All week.  In every pocket of spare time.  It felt good, stressful, satisfying and, well, all of it.  My parents are in town playing board games, walking to the playground and going on bike rides with our little ladies.  The weather has been so cold, grey and downright disappointing for typically the most summer of all months so, luckily, I haven’t been torn to laze about the beach or pool. 
It’s almost Fair.   I tend to go a bit crazy and shut down into entry mode.  We had so much fun during the Trashion Fashion Show last year when we made Marie Antoinette’s from bed sheets, pillow fluff and second-hand quilts.  This year, Betty and her Show pal will be mermaids.  I’ve made Betty a stormy seas mermaid with white trash bags and coffee filters, and she had a blast helping and even made a sea shell crown.  I found two XXL men’s dress shirts off the dollar rack at our local thrift store and thought about making an evening gown.  I unearthed my turn of the century dress maker’s form and hours and hours later I’ve got something.  Looks as if my dress maker’s form is about to fall over in the first pic – ha!  I promise it only looks twisty on the form.
There’s a small pile of Barbie ball gowns, 25 Peter Pan hats for a custom order, some skirts for Lucy’s first few days of school and a stack of finally-mended goods to complete my sewing to-do list.
Luke and a great buddy have been working ten hour days at their job, then putting in another six hours in the space below:
I took this picture in the room that’ll be our master bedroom.  Luke is seen in a bathroom without a rotten subfloor (woohoo!) and things are coming about.  The girls can sleep through a nailer, rhythmic hammering and all types of saw and air compressor noises.  Good thing, since work ends near midnight.  It’s been hard work, hardest most of all on our three girls who miss our suppers together and rolls on the floor in books and giggles and dolls with Dad before bedtime.  
Well, happy weekending to you.  Soon, there’s an early ferry and a music festival on a neighboring island.  I better tuck myself in…


  • Cool creation, clever use for shirts , we have a wearable arts show here in autumn – similar idea – I have yet to enter but on my mental hit list.

  • Tracey says:

    I love the pictures and am so glad you added words! The dress dumbie looks cool and a little scary outside all alone!
    I know you will be so happy when your home is complete and the sound of nail guns is a memory! Looks like a lot of progress is being made-yah! xx

  • Love the creativity with the dress shirts. You rock.

  • MJ says:

    A Trashion Fashion show? Fun!!! Love what you did with the shirts…
    And it looks like hard work there in your master! I can't believe your girls can sleep through that! I'm sure it'll be well worth it all though :).
    xx oo

  • The room looks amazing, so exciting for you. Sounds like a great weekend planned too. I am hoping to do something fabulous this weekend. Take precious care, Katie x

    • Wilma says:

      Bev, every one of these is a dream and I love them all, but the first one is -WOW- that turquoise with the white is so fresh and clean and peAfcetion.rlice (Beemer)

    • Kære Anders!God pÃ¥ske – og der er mange flere spændende arrangementer pÃ¥ vej. Det skal ganske enkelt være en del af studiemiljøet, at vi tilbyder noget “ekstra” i Festsalen – et internationalt pust. Allerede den 1. april gæster Europa-Parlamentets formand KU; og den 29. april kommer Daniel Cohn-Bendit, der stod i spidsen for det franske studenteroprør.bhLykke

  • warm dirt says:

    my word! you are heroic, in my opinion. 🙂 any sort of construction scares the heck out of me.

  • Earth Mama says:

    Lots of excitement regardless of gray dreariness. Enjoy your weekend!


  • What is more fabulous than a Trashion show?? I love it! And I love your creation… can't wait to see those mermaids. Hooray for fair!

  • Jennifer says:

    goodness. how industrious.

    put me to shame.

    though we've managed to split the girls into two bedrooms and make hem nice and cozy and clean and mellow. i guess that's something.

    i've been trying to be wordless on my own blog in the month of August.

    i think i'm about to crack.

    • Roxie says:

      Ser mysigt ut! Men Grym har lite att leva upp till. Hans storobrer Muffe åkte moped till och från jobbet varje dag när han var yngre! Kolla med Josse om hon inte har kvar någon bild på det!

  • Cory says:

    What a handy hubby you have! That's awesome! Exciting too!

  • Jenn! I cannot wait to see you in that dress! And the mermaids, of course. You are awesome.

    Also, the remodel! Yay. It WILL be over soon. Can't wait until your family is on that side of things. xo

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  • Wow, I love that evening gown! Great job!

    Thank goodness for kids sleeping through home renos! Hope yours continue to progress well!

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