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This Moment
A Friday ritual. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 
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Keeping it Real No. 2
Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. – William Shakespeare
~ our craft is on the crafty crow.  sweetness.
~the youngest waking up from a nap, trading in all her pacifiers for a stuffed sea turtle.  sea turrtall is keeping her love real with even a mention of her faffy lifetime habit kicked.  she’s not looking back.  this mama’s proud of her big steps.
~ running solo twice in the sunshine with playlist’s nudge that had me take the long way home.  almost have the courage to say yes, i run when people ask instead of um, sometimes, kind-of.

~ watching the girls giggle, splash, glide and kick in a nearly vacant pool.  mama pal as teacher; my smile as the world a-blue is viewed from goggles.  love fostering water’s love.
~ hours long meetings to remind me i’m an adult.  i need that reminder sometimes, the one of big picture differences and marks made in our world.
~ reading the writing of our eldest where words like walking on crisp leaves sounds like the cutting of a pear as a dog walks the trails like a snake slithering in tall grass.  oh, i swoon the tiny poet, invented spellings and all.
~ carving moments for the reading of poetry each day.  by myself.  
thanks to the best sort of friend, an entire day devoted to ink on paper, fingertips on keyboard.  again.  so lucky.
~ more laundry to put away for our family of five than i can handle.  every.  week.  but really.  how’d the pile get so big this week?
~ realizing it’s hard to look sexy crocheting a granny square in a hot pink snuggie.  yeah, it’s june and shhh i’ve fallen in love with my oldest daughter’s snuggie because it’s so totally useful.
~ hours long meeting when it’s sunny outside, sunlight reflecting off orange poppies into the small room reminding me of all the grey and rain lately and how i’m inside.
~ the union of our sailboat and her slip delayed and delayed due to bad luck, broken boat parts and, well, what just seems like bad luck.  fingers crossed we’ve got her all ready.
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