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The affliction of too many crafty habits keeps me on kicks.  I sew a lot of one thing, like last year sewing a million skirts for the Craft Fair.  And then when the last one sells, I’m onto something else.  Right now I’m onto camera straps.  I recently came across a bunch of bolt ends of vintage fabric, decided to add a ruffled edge and coordinating fleece.  I love the cozy feel of fleece against my neck, and how even on the hottest of days it wicks moisture away.  I’ve sold a pile to a favorite store in town, and a few through word of mouth, or rather word of internet.

I’m giving away a camera strap of my very favorite color.  It fits both a Canon and a Nikon, and would fit well into the stocking or gift box of your favorite camera lover.  The floral pattern is the end of a 1960s bolt, making it truly one of a kind.

Giveaway Now Closed..

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I’ll close comments by 8:00 AM PST on Tuesday, December 11th and announce the winners, chosen via Random Number Generator, shorty after.

Congratulations to Marlis.  Random Generator has happily chosen you.  I hope this makes your camera look cool, my dear!


I’ve knit so many hats in all these years that I can just cast on.  It’s a good spot, and it didn’t quickly.  Our firstborn just turned eight, and I learned to knit when she was just a few months old.   I love how a hat project can fit in a zippered coat pocket, a purse of a minivan’s cup holder during school’s pickup.  I love Manos del Uruguay,  the non-profit owned and cooperatively managed with rural women.  Their yarns are insane.  I’d be able to tell you exactly what color skeins I’m knitting this hat with, but my girls find tiny cards on tags and instantly turn them into stuffed animal necklaces.  I added a fair aisle stripe, and am hoping to have this done in a few days.

At first I thought my fingers were numb from overuse, or my wrist was going crazy from too much knitting.  So many readers gave insight into my knitty pain, and recently I learned it’s partially due to a pinched nerve in my neck.  I’m trying to keep it pain free, to stretch and be active in other ways.  I wonder if it is something more.  It certainly is down right annoying.  I’m going to buy those tension fingertip-less gloves.  Maybe they’ll help me make it through a few more gift projects.

Five years ago, I lost the first dog I ever loved.  Huck was a German Shepherd I traded for a Marlboro cigarette in the parking lot of my college apartment.  He had been stolen, neglected and friend had tried to find the owner of his mother tirelessly throughout Boston.  All of the other puppies had been adopted, and Huck, then Guinness, was on his way to the animal shelter.  Huck knew me as a girl, moved out west with me, watched me fall in love, marry, birth two babes.  He could drop a 20′ cornice as we skied Montana’s backcountry and he could read my thoughts.  There are days on the sidewalk when I see a Shepherd, catch the spark in their eye and it’s like there’s a tiny human inside.  It you’ve loved a dog from this breed, or had the fine opportunity of knowing Huck then you know exactly what I mean.

I’ve been in a book rut, unable to finish anything.  Characters haven’t found me darting around corners to read another chapter, and books haven’t captivated me lately.  Crazy, I know.  I’ve been reading reading the poetry of Carolyn Forche, Sharon Olds. The other day in the book store, it could have been the color of the book jacket or the once pet forever on my mind, butI found myself in the Animal Lovers section, adjacent to Poetry.

I worship the opening line, the first image conjured.  It’s the poet in me.  It’s very rare for me to believe in a book that takes seventy pages to hook a reader.  There’s only been a handful; words matter from the beginning with me.

He believed the dog was immortal….. And so starts the book, spanning one hundred years history to unravel the love affair with Rin Tin Tin as icon, as symbol to immortality and spiritual bond.  I am so hooked.  Can’t wait to see if I can entice my book club from it’s dusty haven’t-met-in-months status and tackle the questions in the reader’s guide.  When I love a book, I’m in like this.  Wishing for an annotated version, perhaps a hardcover with enough photos to fill a German Shepherd connoiseur.  Rin Tin Tin by Susan Orlean is incredible so far.


Today, happily joining Small Things.



  • Summer says:

    Love the camera strap (have always wanted a handmade one) and yes, I am already a facebook friend. 🙂

    Susan Orlean wrote the Orchid Thief didn’t she? I may have to grab this one at the library then… we have a shepherd mix who is very sensitive, a little aloof and sometimes a sweetheart cuddle bug.

  • PKJ says:

    I grew up with dogs but my husband is allergic so we don’t have one. I miss their energy and their loyalty- sounds like your Huck had both.

    I just read Falling Together by Marisa De Los Santos. She’s a poet and you can tell- very well constructed sentences. Maybe you would like it?

  • Marlis says:

    Hey you. I looooove the camera strap. I am still very uncool with my stock Canon one.

    Oh–and my mom told me all about this book. She said it was really great and I should read it.

  • Marlis says:

    Of COURSE I already liked Baby by the Sea!

  • Karen says:

    I don’t know where I’ve been but I completely missed this move (to the new blog). It is gorgeous and i will add it to my reader. Love knitting hats or any pattern over and over again. It’s like reading a loved book!!

  • Moose says:

    I’d totally love a vintage camera strap.

  • Angela says:

    I hope your hand and nerves feel better quickly! What a neat strap. I love the fabric you used. How have I never seen you on effbook. I’ll go check it out. 😉

  • Amanda says:

    I’d love a camera strap and will like you on facebook now.

  • paige says:

    Did you say one of a kind vintage camera strap? digging it. And ‘liking’ Baby by the Sea too 🙂

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