Thrifty Thursday: bear

I’m keeping a secret from my girls.  I don’t know how it got this way, but we have way too many stuffed animals.  Some have sat for months on end without a hug or snuggle, while others are simply long forgotten.  I’ve been gathering up a few at a time and placing them into a bag in our garage.  Every time I open the white bag, I see a score of little black plastic eyeballs and I have to tell myself they’ll make a little girl or little boy very happy.  Our in town thrift store doesn’t take stuffed animal donations, so I’ll be bringing them with me to the mainland’s second hand store.
A while back, in a sea of stuff friends at our island’s north thrift store, I spotted this bear.
I knew it was mohair the second I ran a finger across it.  I grabbed an arm, and it swiveled in that classic teddy movement my grandmother’s grey bear moves.  The bear’s head was nearly off, and what was inside made me smile.
The bear was stuffed with balls of roving, strips of yellow and fragile newspaper, and wood shavings.
The lady at the check wanted $10 for the broken, vintage teddy but somehow we settled on $3.  After the girls went to bed, I scrubbed the bear with wool cleaner and lukewarm water.  I used an upholstery needles to sew the head back on.  The bear took a few days to dry.  It’s just about too heavy for the littlest girl, but she likes to try to drag it around.  Her sisters have convinced her it’s the original Pooh bear.  She’s very pleased about that.
photo-2So while I don’t like taking things into my home when I’m in a purge mode, I do appreciate something old, something once loved.  I appreciate the story something could tell.  I wonder, with vintage finds such as this, if this would be the one thing some Antiques Roadshow worker would tell me was worth an insane amount, and would have some long history of this bear’s production one hundred years ago.  For now, the smile on the little girl who loves it is quite enough.
I’ve taken over Thrifty Thursday from this lovely lady.  I’m honored to continue it, and do hope you’ll link up.
Can’t wait to see what treasure you have…

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  • swanski says:

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a valuable item on the antique road show? I know I'd never sell it. That bear looks BRAND NEW! You did a fantastic cleaning and repair job 🙂

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