Tiller Scoocum Furber, Orcas and Shots

Tilly, five months old and fifty-two pounds.  We thought she’d be a medium dog.  Our vet, considered quite a dog expert, believes Tilly to hardly be a lab at all.  Looking over her bone structure, teeth, fur, tail and head, it appears Tilly is mostly Black Lab & Harlequin Great Dane. Luke hopes she has the ability to be both a bird dog and a sailor dog.  Danes were used to hunt wild boar.  Sounds to me like the geese out here are in for it.  I was convinced she had some Pointer in her and she still may.  That’s the funny thing about rescued mutt pups. Everyone likes to have a say in her breed.  Whatever she is, she loves standing on top of the picnic table, cheese, ear rubs, little girls, tennis balls, and her new crate. Slinky loves Tilly’s new house, too.  

We took the ferry over to Orcas for Lucy’s one year check-up with her new pediatrician.  I passed the time by knitting some Easter eggs with yarn scraps.
Although she may not have a great sense of humor (really, how many baby docs are hilarious, sing in a sea shanty band and have your whole philosophy down pat like our old one?)  she helped me decide on vaccinations and supported our choice of goat products before dairy. Her office is worth the trip. Lucy is 20 pounds, has seven teeth, is in the 115th% for height and 35th% for weight.  So, looks like she’s model status already.  And, she got some ouchies.  Vaccinations are so intense and all the literature surrounding them swirls around me like a food processor full of tacks and band-aids. We sat for so long trying to decide what to get and how we didn’t want the nine she required at once.   Then I took out Betty’s record and did the same.  She received three boosters that day and in three months, I’ll go back for two.  I guess we’re on more of a European schedule, feeling like it is all a lot for her little body and some she just isn’t at risk for until she’s near school age. I ‘ve read so many books on the subject, both for and against, that I think it’ll be interesting to see how I feel about it twenty years from now.  Betty said her favorite part of the day was holding Lucy’s hand while she got the shots, telling her it was o.k. and singing her to happiness. Lucky for her Mama and Dada were there to hold her other hand.  My favorite part of the day was at the peak of Mt. Constitution, 2,222 ft, standing in the falling snow looking at all the islands from here to the Canadian mainland.  


  • Oh your dog is so cute! Can’t wait to meet him. This summer? Love the knit eggs too. Happy birthday little Lucy.

  • I am right there with you on the vaccinations. How do we truly know? We just have to make the best choice we can with the information we have. I am so glad you signed back in and commented. I went on your sis-in-laws blog and didn’t know who she was, but when I read the comment, I thought it might be you! Hope you are well!! I am going to link to your blog so I can be reminded to go on it more- I love reading it!

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