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So much of parenthood depends upon changing perspectives, positions.
Somewhere halfway through 2004 I clutched my ripe belly in the front seat of our white Jetta in standstill Seattle traffic and gasped.  Can you believe those parents?  Two portable DVD players on with constant cartoon stream?  Imagine if they just talked to their kids instead.
Yup.  I passed that judgement.  Luke always reminds me as we’re on some eighteen-hour straight drive to Montana, or on an hour’s ferry ride to the mainland, or sitting in the drive way so I can take an important phone call from the porch.
As parents, we do what we do because it works most of the time.  And what works for someone else may or may not work for us.
My hips have carried three babes and stand firm enough to know as soon as I say I’ll never that I’m standing in the thick of it, knee deep.
One year ago I stood above 5,000 ft in the shadows of Montana’s Beartooth Mountains and said I’d never own a trampoline.
In this week’s Today’s Mama piece entitled Bounce I wrote about afternoons never slipping by without my thankfulness for the giggles that accompany a bounce.


I love yard sales, baking pies with grandma’s apron all a-hug on hips, long flannel nightgowns and a warm mug of hot chocolate at midnight, tiny marshmallows afloat.  I love station wagons from the 1950s, historic diners with a malt done right and the sound of music from my Victor Phonograph.  And I totally agree each week when I hear it:  I’m going to make a fabulous elderly lady.. [Click HERE to read more}.


  • MJ says:

    Ahh yes, never say never right? Trampolines are so awesome!! Glad you all are enjoying it!! And are you actually awake at this hour or was this post scheduled?!!
    xx oo

  • Melina says:

    Ah, I must say, that trampoline was my favorite part of childhood. What a wonderful, wonderful, free, euphoric feeling! Kids are gonna find a way to pass the time doing something risky, might as well get 'em a trampoline and teach them to fly. That's what I say.

    Melina from The wilder coast

  • It's funny how our “I'll nevers” changes as our situations change….

  • Tracey says:

    In my almost 28 years of being a parent I have changed a lot of my views on parenting…and I have even had phases come out of my mouth that I swore I would never say! How Did my father get in my mouth?;0

  • Miss Bee says:

    So true!!! I had all those great intentions before I became a parent! I still stick by most of them, but in our case, a little cookie monster on the small black and white television gives this maman a little time prepare dinner!!!

  • Angela says:

    There are a lot of things I used to swear I would never do! 🙂 It's funny to see it now. Oh well part of living and learning . . . .

  • my kids loved their trampoline. i never thought it would be as great as it was. it is actually used in therapy for kids on the spectrum – something with connecting both sides of the brain. so, it must be good for everyone's brain, i figure. we got rid of it when we moved, but are thinking about another one. we also used it when we had anger issues. “jump it out” was the directive – and it usually worked.

    btw- we are headed to cayo costa in a few weeks. made me think of you.

  • What a great post…such a good reminder to “never say never”…

    And that Daddy piggy back ride looks like the best ever!

  • Cory says:

    Exactly, as a previous commenter said: “never say never.”
    My kids are watching a video right now so I can have the chance for a moment to myself. Gasp.

  • So great. It made me want to bounce! (By the way, you’ll make a totally fabulous old broad… but that’s a long way off!) Thanks for the poetry and wisdom.

  • Jennifer says:

    Oh, I love how you closed your eyes and felt it. It’s GOOD to let go and feel 6 again and for a moment NOT to worry and NOT to feel guilty or a the need to be responsible.

    Daddy bouncing piggy backs have to be up there with the best joys of life.


  • totally, completely awesome. beautifully written. meaty. xo

  • Kristen says:

    Love this…just today I did something for my picky son that I said I’d never do – I made him his own chicken nugget meal while the rest of us ate chili (One thing parenting has taught me is to never say never!) Love your blog…thanks for stopping by mine!

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