Today’s Mama:::Parades, Memories of a Fallen Soldier

I’ve always wanted a reason to be in a parade.  I’ve got my Ms. America wave down pat, and I’m pretty skilled in designing red, white and blue outfits for my family.

I’m running for school board so I thought it would be a great opportunity to be in the parade.  Our white Ford pickup belonged to Luke’s maternal grandfather.  He bought it new in 1966 and I bet he’d be ticked patriotic to know we’re using it in the Fourth of July parade.  After asking around, I learned I need about sixty pounds of goods to make it down Spring street during the parade.  I ordered thirty pounds of Tootsie Rolls wrapped in American Flag-esque wrappers and 3,600 apple-shaped erasers.  I’ve ordered t-shirts for each adult, each child waving and candy-throwing from pickup’s bed.  Yup.  I’m pretty into parades.

Our friend Greg was killed in Kirkuk, Iraq on Good Friday four years ago.  He died one week after my second daughter, Lucy, was born.  The last time I saw him we stood curbside, waving at a parade.  From Greg, I’ve learned a lot about life and death and parades.


In this week’s Today’s Mama piece entitled Parades, Memories of a Fallen Soldier I wrote about learning about what really matters.

Parades, Memories of a Fallen Soldier

Maybe it’s the metric ton of candy thrown from parade floats, the sound of a marching band approaching, the sight of patriotic pinwheels against a blue sky but I love a good parade.…[click HERE to read more]


  • You go girl – nothing like a good parade, we have a winter festival parade here at the moment (although winter has failed to arrive so far!), we'll be curbside looking on.

  • Um, where did all my comments go?!?!?!?! Thanks, Blogger…

  • Trish says:

    Blessings to you and Blessings to all those who serve their country folk
    Much love.

  • anushka says:

    this is really beautiful. i love that picture of your daughter but i also love what you've shared here about your shift in focus from losing a loved one. i'm sorry for your loss and for your dear friend, her son, our country.. but, what a blessing that you've found the silver lining and are teaching your girls from it. i'll be thinking of you and your friend at the 4th of july parade we'll be attending next monday.

  • Charley says:

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  • Brought a tear to my eye too. The only place you can find perfection is a single moment int ime, in the present when you can appreciate it for the joy its gives you there and then. I have the same desire to bring my children up with respect for those in uniform. My brother has now left the British Army after several tours of Northern Island and a couple of stints in Iraq. I am so grateful for his safe return to his wife and kids in Florida where he now lives, and grateful for the sacrifices others like your friend have made for others. Have a very Happy 4th of July, and enjoy your parade

  • The now is all we *really* have. I try to remind myself daily.
    I will be passing this piece on to my brother. Welcoming him home three times now has taught me a new perspective, a new gratitude and deep respect for those who serve.

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