Today’s Mama:::Valentine’s Day with My Girls

I’m a crafty nerd.  I sometimes stay up until two o’clock in the morning with a project I’m giddy about, only to turn into warm, flannel sheets wondering how many hours need to pass until I can drop all other responsibilities to get my hands on a needle, a pen, a scissor.
In this week’s Today’s Mama article, I wrote about my awareness of pushing my own creative indulgences on our daughters while fostering an atmosphere of choice, individuality and ownership.
I never want to be known as a craft bully.

Here’s an early elementary memory:
I’m seated at my desk all but hugging my construction paper decoupaged tissue box. I’ve spent hours on it, even picked the largest box I could find in my house, stuffing the unused tissues behind my red plaid couch.  In my class of twenty five, I shake three tiny envelopes around at mailbox’s bottom. I am the waify sailor girl who loves boats and words and sticks out in suburbia’s smooth surface. I take these confectionery heart fortunes as truth, I like you a lot, take them home and place them in a drawer in my dresser for I’m never brave enough to eat the words of others.  Lessons taught at an early age feel so wonderful when learned anew.
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  • Love it!
    I’ve been talking about making valentine’s for Theo’s class party lately with him, knowing he would not be able to make and I’d en up making the bulk of them. Yesterday I bought a box of Mr. Happy valentine’s complete with tattoos while at Target. I couldn’t resist! He freaked when I showed them to him last night. Now, like Lucy, he is counting down the days to hand out his enveloped notes and nobody will be unhappy at our home art table. Win-win!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU! xo

  • Thanks, Katie. It’s amazing to see the power in the little things… Thank you for your kind words.

  • “I imagine some mommy dearest moment where I’m clad in a canvas crafting apron forcing Lucy to gather glue, handmade dyes and stacks of tissue paper.”

    Ha! Loved that. So true, and yet so hard to give up our ideals and values in raising kids, even when it comes to valentine day cards. But saying “yes” to our kids when we can is a good practice. Lovely writing here.

  • Emily Parker says:

    My kids LOVE the pre-made valentines, too!!!! I wonder what Olive will want to do;)

  • Rebekah Blonder LaRochelle via Facebook says:

    Love it! I too can feel where you are coming from 🙂 we need to let go and let them decide or it isn't theirs. I had to change my plans for the kids and I made mine for other people as well. Love reading your posts and hope you are well. The girls are absolutely adorable!!!

  • Alexis Reifenstunhl via Facebook says:

    Nicely put. It's so hard to keep your morals straight while becoming a respectful parent. And as Betty & Lucy teach us, it's all just a phase and will be different next year!

  • Thanks, ladies. It's always great to know who reads my words and to learn what they thought. Thanks!

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