Today’s Mama:::Weekending, Big {girl} Bed

Weeks in summer have passed like the soft spoken blink of a weekend.
So many extraordinary stories to tell, so many all-embracing photographs to bestow,
Like a marquee for coming attractions:
Shaw Island Camping Trip, 11 Adults and 14 Children
Doe Bay Music Fest, Two Days with Incredible Friends and Incredible Music

The Best Time at San Juan County Fair, 4 Days and 13 Ribbons and Great Old Friends 

This weekend started on Wednesday’s noon bell,
tickets to our County Fair
skips and giggles
corn dogs and elephant ears
neon lights and everyone we know
silly goats, baby pigs, show bunnies, and prize cattle
home with fairly dusty fair flip flop feet
kettle corn in pockets
eleven ribbons in our hearts
all crafty pride
with three more days of Fair to enjoy.
Trashion Fashion Show 
so much freakin’ fun
Betty the stormy seas mermaid
148 coffee filters, 3 trash bags
cardboard and sea shells beside her mermaid pal
Me in the evening gown from men’s dress shirts
stood in first place beside
my best-y, all crocheted trash bags and roller derby glam.
I ate so much blueberry pie, apple pie
laughed when Lucy said the Tilt-a-Whirl looked like a muffin,
stood in awe while Betty drove her own bumper car,
laughed so hard when Olive refused to get off the train ride
and avoided the carnie by ride’s exit
to hug the caboose while screaming love over and over.
Our yard full with tents and good, old friends like family
three more blonde children added to weekend’s mix,
all trampoline jumps, beach-y travels
beside sneaky blackberry handfulls.
Fair’s final day began with an oceanside 8.8K,
all sunshine, old school hip hop
sharing pavement’s time with the best sort of girl.
All helps to smooth sad news received by telephone
when the moon hung like a Tootsie pop,
fresh from our telescope’s eye,
and glittered like the heart that broke a little with the news.
~ joining Amanda today for Weekending ~
I’m still hanging on to my idea of coming attractions, trying to fill time in summer’s last week with posts and visits to our favorite beaches, to my favorite blogs.
Oh, I have so many stories to share.
For now, the best of last week:

Last week’s Marquee:
Big Sister Reads to Littlest Sister at Bedside

In this week’s Today’s Mama piece entitled Big {girl} Bed I wrote about realizing my youngest little lady isn’t a baby any more.

Big {girl} Bed

My husband and I believe it’s best not to compare our children to one another.  When Olive held her leg high like a track star hurtle jumper and tried to escape her crib, I didn’t have to say her two older sisters were already in big girl beds at eighteen months..…[click HERE to read more]


  • Tracey says:

    I love the picture of your daughter reading to your younger daughter!
    Now I need to go and bake a few pies since you mentioned it…one can never have too much.
    Have a great day.

  • Looks like a great time was had by all! The fair sounds so fun. There are several around us this time of year but we never seem to go…

  • rainblissed says:

    So much summer fun! I wonder if we'll get to a fair this year? Love that you're all bundled up at the music fest…what happened to our Autumn weather??

  • what a sweet little bed!

    and i think i'm coming to visit. your weekends sound like so much fun. so glad you had all the good stuff and fun memories to soften the blow of your sad news. hope all are well!

  • Swanski says:

    Our big fair is at the end of September and I cannot wait 🙂 I think it is wonderful someone did not want to get off a ride-too cute!

  • MJ says:

    Sounds like one fabulous weekend! Will we get to see some of the trashion fashion? Camping with friends, that's got to be one of the best things to do ever :).
    xx oo

  • MJ, here you go:

    it's the video from the Trashion Fashion show!

  • Cory says:

    Looks like a LOT of fun.

    And I love the boat bed. Want one. For myself. ; )

  • Kylie says:

    it sounds like so much fun! i can't wait until summer, and summer fairs! im sorry for the sad news, but it seems the wonderful fair helped to cheer you up.

  • Anonymous says:

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  • Angela says:

    So much fun; you make me want to go to the fair-like now! Wow!. Look at that big girl bed!

  • Zane Wooder says:

    When I was little I loved going to the fair too. I hope the rides won't to much for the little ones to handle.

    -Zane of ontario honey

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