Friday night found the husband
off the couch and out of the woods from
three days of a 103 fever.
It’s so good to have him back and up and laughing.
Saturday morning started early,
bangs and pounds and thuds and
saw’s deep bass:
108 year old house and two rooms torn off
rotten wood revealed no buried treasures.
Grandparents, girls, scooters, and I
told stories in curbside’s long, long line
at Rocky Bay Cafe: town’s breakfast goldmine.
Olive put her tiny palms down in my veggie bene,
licked hollandaise like icing
while sisters traded bacon for sausage,
while Grandpop treated us with freshly sprinkled donuts.
I sneaked the rest of Saturday away in library’s corner
read and wrote poetry, edited over one hundred photos
all the while with headphones on with this band on repeat
for five hours, for what felt like a week,
and in less than a week I’ll be dancing to said band
on a neighboring island
as this show.  Can’t wait.
Home, refreshed and dinner made by another hand
delicious on the picnic table, beside the sunset
sounds of:  ferry horn, scores of wasps.
Before bedtime, no need for bathtime revolt
with our only tub in the yard.
The banging went on until the sixteenth hour,
so thankful for the great builder friend who helped and hammered
until the husband fell to the couch in a puff of sawdust
just as I’d swept up the last of demolished sheetrock’s powder.
Sunday, all smoothies and swing sets
and Grandparents and board games; more bangs and thuds and
clicks like nail gun thunder.
Custom sewing order had me bent over my lovely machine
28 Peter Pan hats later and
I’d planned my next five projects in fabric, thread:
back to school clothes, Barbie outfits from quilting scraps
[vintage Barbie patterns scored at thrift store].
Sunday’s dinner felt more like March in shade’s breeze,
bedtime baths were hilarious in kitchen’s sink.
oh. my. my. girls. are. so. huge.
ran through my head while I remembered their newborn shapes
in my hands and under our faucet.
Near midnight, shower’s back in place as the wonderful husband snores.
I’m still swooning after winning two wonderful bloggy mama giveaways:
thank you Soule Mama and Mama May I:
oh how I love your words and pictures and families and giveaways [of course].
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