Weekending & a Cool Giveaway: Easy Canvas Prints

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Slow time around here this weekend:
A high fever broke on the littlest girl,
only to land on the middle one in Friday’s wee hours.
A sunset stroller walk to the video store
unanimous love of gnomes and a bad Shakespear redo had us enjoying popcorn until way too late.
Saturday’s early morning run saddled to this cake, this coffee.
Afternoon run, hot sun and up hill had me and my runnin’ mama-pal sweating.
Promises made on asphalt to run again, every other day or something like it.
How we got off the mark I’ll never remember.  
I edited photos on the front porch and my older ladies built three fairy houses beside our roses, rhododendrons.
Luke scratched his head, held PBR cans until cool droplets led way to warm ale and deep breaths.
We’re building a master bedroom, badass garage and just about to get it wired, insulated, sheet rocked.
The last eight boards removed revealed rotten subfloor, rotten floor joists:  an invitation to demolition our only bathroom with a shower, an invitation to demolition our spare bedroom/sewing room/book storage room/middle girl’s nap room.
Oh geez.
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veg from our garden, more photo editing past midnight’s hour.
Sunday began after 9:30 am (thanks, daughters!) and welcomed us with loads of sunshine and my parents visiting from Florida.  
Lots of reorganizing in a house without closets about to lose two rooms to make way for four with a budget for two.  Oh boy.  Yup.
Lots of piles to the free pile, the used book store, the thrift house, the friends with young babes.
Cardboard boxes everywhere.  
Girls spending the night in the yard in their grandparent’s Florida RV.
Will soon miss my shower and welcome construction dust everywhere.  
Thankful for good friends with room in their closets, extra keys to spare bathrooms with showers.
Guess what?  

:::Easy Canvas Prints is generously offering one lucky Baby by the Sea reader: 
an 11×14 gallery wrapped (1.5″ thick) canvas of your chosen photo/piece of art.:::
[Sorry, giveaway closed]

Photos feel hard drive’s intensity, rarely developed or framed simply stockpiled into iPhoto’s library.
When my last computer’s hard drive caught on fire, I saw how fleeting scenes from my daily life really are.  Blessed to have backup, friends in data recovery.  I’m now conscious of images from days and milestones that tell our story.  I’m now conscious of filling the white space of my walls with current pictures, too.
Last month I took such a picture.  Behind the lens I saw composition of a landscape, enormity of a blue sky flecked with clouds, grounded in beach and driftwood.  Behind the lens I saw my youngest lady with the confidence to run to the horizon without looking back.  Out of my sling and onto her own two feet, no hands held.
I needed that moment frozen in time.
The very next day, Megan Edgeller contacted me with news that her company, BuildASign.com, just launched a website that creates prints from photos or art:  Easy Canvas Prints.  

Easy Canvas Prints
It took me four minutes to order my print.  With a production time of 3-4 days and a high quality product, I was excited for this opportunity.  Easy Canvas Prints uses giclee prints made from archival links, printed on a cotton-based canvas and finished with a semi-gloss.  
It’s no secret I live on a tiny island.  Everything shipped here takes a boat or a tiny plane, so things get absolutely hammered en route.  The print came in a huge and secure thick box and could have safely stayed in the windy rain for hours when it was placed on my doorstep.  Yup.  I was very impressed with the entire process.

Baby by the Sea:  What makes Easy Canvas Prints Unique?
Megan Edgeller:  Easy Canvas Prints uses high quality canvas and gives our customers an easy to use canvas creator to help customers choose using a simple, four-step process.  We make the process of turning your photos or art into a canvas print easy and fun.  We have the most innovative printer out there along with an eco-friendly printing process so you can be sure your canvas is printed with the utmost quality. If you read our reviews, you’ll see we really love to go the extra mile for customers by sending each print through art review (to notify a customer of any clarity issues BEFORE printing) as well as providing awesome customer service that is happy to help you with any questions about caring for your canvas, how to hang the canvas, and more.
Baby by the Sea:  Canvas prints seem all the rage right now, and nothing makes me happier than an easy to use site which produces a high quality product.  How do people turn their photos into works of art?
Megan Edgeeller:  It’s as simple as 1-2-3-4.
1  Choose your Canvas size, 
2  Upload your photo or art file 
3  Select your border wrap (image, colored, mirrored) 
4  Apply cool image effects or request re-touching. 
Baby by the Sea:  Anything else exciting you’d like us to know? 
Megan Edgeller:  Easy Canvas Prints is running a great special right now:  25% off all canvases and free standard shipping.
Step 1: Go to www.EasyCanvasPrints.com and click “Start Designing Now
Step 2: Choose an 11×14″ canvas size, and desired wrap thickness
Step 3: Upload your photo, and follow the instructions
Step 4: Add your Canvas to your cart

Step 5: Checkout safely through our system

:::Easy Canvas Prints is generously offering one lucky Baby by the Sea reader: 
an 11×14 gallery wrapped (1.5″ thick) canvas of your chosen photo/piece of art.:::

Chance #1:  To enter, simply leave a comment below.
Chance #2:  For a second entry you can hop on over to the Easy Canvas Prints Facebook Page and hit “like” and come back and leave another comment letting me know.  (Wow.  Once you’re a Facebook fan, you get an unbelievable promo code..)
Chance #3:  For still another additional entry, you can share this post (facebook, twitter, on your blog, email some friends, knock on your neighbor’s door, etc.) and leave yet another comment letting me know how you helped to spread the word.
This giveaway is only available to U.S. resident *excluding Hawaii and Alaska* due to incredibly high shipping costs and will close FRIDAY morning 8am PST. The winner will be chosen via random number generator and announced in this post shortly after.
The winner, chosen by Random Generator is:

Elissa.  Please email me your contact info.  

Thank you so much to Easy Canvas Prints for providing a wonderfully creative way to take photography to another level.
Tune in tomorrow for a story about my first time away in eleven years without my hubs or kids.
I went to Vegas with three mama pals and it was Awesome!


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