Weekending: A Run on March

it occurred to me right after I heard, Go!

I wasn’t running just the 10k and not the whole half

as I’d said over and over in the parking lot when asked

I was running the whole 10k,

like last year when I said I was running the whole half marathon

so I ran, proud

like, really ran the whole time

& got my best time ever

ok, I walked for two minutes by the horse farm, uphill

when the smell of low tide and manure made me feel,

well, oddly hungry for a cheeseburger

(it’s what I dream of on a run: true)

and ready for a new piece of cinnamon gum

today, without a pal beside me in stride, first time

I ran for myself, my cluttered brain,

& to beat last time’s time

I zoned out to music

with one hundred and eight ladies

brought together by two amazing island running mamas

no matter how far I plan on going

it takes two miles to always get started

a funny little head game happens before

I think about knitting, sitting, standing in a hot shower

most of all, stopping

running is a silly little trip

takes the body a bit to get tricked,

to feel the rhythm

this morning’s easter egg clouds, calm seas

tall mossy evergreens

helped me along and down the yellow line of pavement

it’s true, I prefer the middle of an open road

so many girls, high-fives, smiles

I think this was my sixth race

today, a bit over six miles

finally, the best playlist.  no, seriously.

gradual hill, sideways wind, Mt. Constitution to my left, DJ Abilities

long, steep downhill, Mt. Baker to my right, Hello

airport’s hideous gradual hill, Pursuit of Happieness

yup.  the race is uphill both ways

last night, hot tub pre-race soaks, giggles

before a perfect walk home

it’s these moments, celebrations here & there

amid the ones where days earlier a long distance phone call

brings me to knees

another long distance phone call is everything I need

so, yeah, I keep close moments I can feel

this tiny island swell

& how now it swells into season

welcomes spring with a monsoon, a hurricane

whatever else it’s called in other parts of the country where

storms are named in ferocity

here, all of a sudden there aren’t any parking spaces downtown

I wait at four-way stops, grocery aisles

crosswalks are full of folks with

tourist map in hand, isn’t this a lovely town like a mantra, looking up & walking slooow

this past week

Luke and I on a date to teacher conferences, marveling at who we’ve created

Lucy lost a front tooth, found out she needed glasses

Olive learned how to really write her name

Betty slipped me a note during supper:

Hey mama, want to go on a date with me to Oz? I have enough in my piggy bank.

I loved my movie date with our eldest,

long, cold walk home most

we talk, giggle like buddies in the place where eight suddenly seems so old.

in the last few weeks

I’ve been underneath paperwork, stanzas, lists, emails, books, pens

seriously, stuck inside an office world

first – policy, educational reform, school funding, admin interviews:

all perks of School Board

& in another pile on my desk Write: A Doe Bay Workshop

brings a great big smile:

I can’t believe it’s really going to happen

we really sold out & are going to have an absolute freakin’ blast

So I guess the good news is I’ve been writing an insane amount of poetry,

but the bad news is I’ve been out of here for a while,

trading typing on keys for writing on paper

Thanks to all those who have emailed; thanks for propelling me forward to return here, today.

In four short days Lucy May turns six.

Six.  {gulp}

here is today’s playlist,

it’s random, unpredictable

& I make a new one each time before a long run,

most songs I’d only listen to on pavement or moguled ski runs

some I just kinda dig right now

but the last song,

yeah, it was perfectly amazing to cross the finish line to.

as always,
joining Amanda 


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