weekending {at sail}

this weekend began
before fireworks, right before parade
or so it seems
a waterfront birthday party
giggling babes, slip-n-slide
but it was saturday’s last minute humid decision
to hit the sea,
sail towards shaw island
battle the doldrums
float beside ferry, sea plane
no, really
like crazy-close sea planes
who just might forget a little
sailboats have right-of-way
the girls made their v-berth
a coloring office,
spent most of the sail with
64 crayons, stacks of paper
occasional giggles, peeks out the porthole
while Luke and I
had a proper date
spotting sea kelp, sea lions
_MG_8814laughing at the knot meter
stuck on 1.8
figuring we must be moving with current, floating on tide
a breath here, a breeze here
but really we were just floating around
listening to the Grateful Dead
_MG_8815answering knock-knock jokes shouted in hight-pitched giggle
from down below
_MG_8813 the biggest girl
came up to spot porpoises,
search for whales
steer us back to our marina
it’s amazing for me to remember
times at sail with her in my belly,
times at sail with her in my sling
_MG_8820so beautiful
to look at what’s before me.
back at the dock
for pasta in the cockpit
pleas for s’mores in the setting sun
marshmallow sticky lips,
graham cracker goodness
shadows to tell our dessert stories
all in the evening
where the sun
swelled with the country’s wildfires
turned the sea
by an island valley pond
with island ladies, island mamas
celebrating a baby yet to arrive
found us cheering in a sea of pink
as mama-to-be
lead, closed eyes
by the hand of her five-year-old
pink balloons against a blue sky
as her eyes opened
a little girl is on her way, yeah!
yes, I do believe
mamas and sunshine and babies on our minds
with the secret of what’s in her belly
the best way to end the weekend.
weekending with amanda


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