Weekending [daylight savings 2011]

A giant storm front,

the weekend began with 

cold, heavy fog, frost
framed island’s Evergreens
iced pavement’s school path
made grass
nature’s popsicle.
noon until dinner
I sewed, pinned
costumes for theatre’s
Fall Family show
to job share with a good friend
for the spotlight at the end of the tunnel [stage].

I waited until the clocks turned back
with coffee, hip hop
I sewed an extra hour
skirts, skirts and more skirts
for November’s Artisen’s Market.
I’ve been calling myself a sewer
since I was 8
redesigning Barbie clothes
creating teddy bear night gowns
tiny bags for acorns, sea shells, bottle caps.
I shifted along these lines:
joy, in seeing my creations on people
stress, in turning what I love into a job
delirium, in needing more than five hours of sleep.


Our 1950s steel ironing board
Luke carried
to house’s front
for a photo
we laughed really, really hard about 
where extreme sport meets performance art
as cars drove down our street
and I wrote in my head
a ten minute play.
I’ve been calling myself a writer
since I first heard 
David Bowie’s Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust in middle school
I’ve been a writer
since filling vintage suitcases
with papers, composition notebooks in black ink
and fell in love with teaching writing
working for NEA’s Poets on the Prairie
and fell in love with teaching how writers write.
As an educator, I love writer’s workshop:
brainstorm, write, edit, illustrate, publish [or read aloud]


and can’t believe Betty is really there.
In Sunday’s extra hour
two little sisters napped extra long
so Betty
wrote about Forest Fairy Lily
I sipped black coffee
with pride’s sideways smile
for my little writer.
and I’m pretty sure I finished all the halloween candy
dashing around corners
so the ladies couldn’t see
while wearing running clothes
especially enjoying ten mini Reese’s packs
during the run
I never took.

linking with Amanda today from the habit of being.


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