Weekending: Hello, December

I walked around all week with the wet, heavy blanket of a head cold

spent one full daylight under covers

tried the wellness trick, Friday’s fancy dress, big smile, long meetings

still, throat sore, heels heavy,

Lucy honored at her school:

a leadership award for Work First, Play Later

she dressed herself fancy, gave us a sideways smile

we clapped, sat proud in bleechers

Betty pointed out, If it was awarded at home, Lucy wouldn’t be getting it

Ahh, sisters.

Friday’s darkness brought Betty’s 8th Birthday celebration

a long, damp walk with seven blondies

dinner out, kids at their own table

homemade cards, smiles and giggles

so good for my mind, my heart

to see her friend such lovely, sweet people

I tell her often

we truly become the company we keep


under so much wrapping, hints of a girl growing up

beneath Barbie’s Dog Agility board game, or within a blue sequins dress

a taste of it in Mad Libs, or on the vacation beach dresses

but the little girl in her stills squeals at the sight of

a baby African Forest Elephant from a lovely blue box

she has exactly eight stuffed eles now in her bed, this elephant lover of mine

so much like my Grammy Helen

Little sisters at 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock felt so cool to be a part of the sleepover,

up late, long talks with cool, bigger girls.  Their fascination was obvious.

Little sisters made it to 10, made it through wiping tears, through us explaining their room their big sister needs at a sleepover, the room they share is now off limits.  In our early 1900s bungalow, it’s tricky to find a solo spot, tricky to put just a few to bed early.

Luke and I on the couch, a little sister in tear-stained footie pajamas on each lap as we try to explain:

we need our own time away from one another, even if it’s just for

one safari black light poster coloring expedition

two pop show dance practices

three injured elephants at the closet zoo vetraiary hospital.  

The Barbies had a fashion show past 11 o’clock, camped around the Christmas tree bright and early at 6:30 AM.

Yawns and smiles over bacon and pancakes; Betty had a great celebration.

I pulled off my pajamas somewhere after noon, took to pavement to sweat out a cold

steady, thick wind

our wild dog at my side, heavy beats in headphones

puffy, grey swaddled clouds darting across evergreens, sideways rain on a few street corners:

I could have run forever.  I left congestion in the valley, found a smile when I realized labor had begun eight short years earlier.

Betty, I’d run anywhere for you or with you on my mind.

After stretching, I played a Chihuahua in the Dog Agility game

and just like that I rushed into

a shower, a lot of hair product, Spanx, heels, lipliner, Grandma’s broach, a vintage mink.

As a playwright and a mama to an actress-to-be, the theatre is dear to me
I accompanied friends to the Holiday Ball, ate fancy appetizers, chatted with
dressed-up versions of folks I knew well
There was an auction by the suavest of auctioneers, my simeltaneous rekindling of a love affair
in my secret desire to attend auctioneer school and wear crazy, vintage suits with amazing cowgirl boots……

prime rib and a good cause,

flashy lights and a friend’s band

a good evening, indeed.

Sunday’s slow walk to donuts and coloring

kept our mind off Betty and Daddy’s ski date

it was weird to not spend the birth day with our firstborn, the sweet one who made me a Mama

but there’s fresh snow on Mt. Baker, the best sort of Daddy date weather

a van-load of friends and dads and lodge hot chocolate

she left before dawn, caught the first ferry to the mainland

before I could kiss her,

before I could tell her when she came into the world there were snowflakes on the other island we called home…


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