weekending {hello, july}

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.  
Willy Wonka

this weekend found me knocking shoulders, literally
with the bulge of this island
where population surges
near 20,000 from near 2,000
(just a guess, really, but seems about right)
I deserve a gold star
after finding a parking spot
meandering farmer’s market
with so many pals as business owners
I’m not complaining, just sometin’ to adjust to
tourists shuffling across crosswalks,
driving wrong-ways on the one-ways.
saturday evening found us proud, beaming
betty on stage with missoula children’s theater
she found voice in auditions,
she found joy on stage
sisters so proud to be audience,
yes, it was hard not to beam with pride.
sundays’ sun
albeit low, low 60s
first pool day of summer,
first ice cream on the dock
ready for more,
for a heatwave
for days and days of sun
soon, right?
I keep hearing the only state in the lower 48 not experiencing a heatwave is washington.
duuuuude.  I’m over this chilly grey, this not-so-summer summer.
sunday evening
found us in July 1st’s tradition:
this, our fifth year of
westside parking, 
minivan’s fancy stadium seating, back hatch up
girls watched willy wonka
over our shoulder those lines just seem better each time I hear them

willy wonka: 
little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous.
there is no life I know to compare with pure imagination.  living there, you’ll be free is you truly wish to be.
a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

there’s so much good in this old flick
can’t wait to check out the book charlie and the great glass elevator from the library
the girls giggled, munched on popcorn
the mr. and his pike’s place porter
me with yarn on needles
the setting sun over victoria, b.c.
great-grandma’s quilt on our laps
giant tankers on still water
haze over olympic peninsula
water slapping shore’s rocks
hummingbirds on madrona trees
then, finally:
fireworks for canada day
over victoria
like red dandelions, orange balloons, and green lollipops
the boom of each display rolling back to our country.
joining Amanda


  • Tracey says:

    I really think I need to move to where you live, seriously! Chilly?I'll take it!
    The tourist have arrived here too, I keep telling myself it's all good because it is right? They mean well and it does help the economy. I just wish that when they get lost they would pull over to let others pass instead of blocking one way roads!

  • swanski says:

    I wish I could send you some of the hotness so I have a teeny bit less. I love the book and both movies 🙂 My favorite movie is the original though. Gene Wilder is just Wonka to me.

  • Katie says:

    great-grandma's quilt on our laps…hummingbirds on madrona trees…Lovely!

    wishing for some warmth to come your way. summer you up a bit. so good to hear your voice today.
    x, k

  • i'll take your cooler temps any ole day. we're having august temps already. so it's hot. like africa hot. and humid. this makes me cranky.

    i must say, i love that serendipity was at work, both of us watching willy wonka. and that last image of watching canadian fireworks…beautiful!

  • Shannon says:

    Sometimes I skip posts with no pictures. Glad I stayed to read the pictures you wrote….

  • Shannon says:

    Sometimes I skip posts with no pictures. Glad I stayed to read the pictures you wrote….

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