Weekending in Rain

After almost 80 days of sunshine,
rains came

I put on the most ridiculously red foul weather gear, red sailing boots
looked as if I was heading to Hurricane Gloria in 1985
was instead dressed for three hours on the soccer field
Just a week ago we were chugging wildfire smoke,
kicking off ground fog on beige, brittle ground
finished zipping, rain ceased
I looked insanely overdressed on the soggy field
winds came over the Fairground barn from Jackson’s Beach
sky looked like it was going to split again,
I was ready.
This I know.
Lucy was all smiles and giggles following the ball from end to end, goal to goal
I tried to explain to Olive how they all weren’t working together
as one giant team, but they were all sharing the ball,
Mama, that’s so nice.  They make the ball happy, she said.
And during Betty’s game she was all smiles, all assists
all great passes and high fives for teammates.
I even found myself jumping at a goal,
raincoat arm high in grey sky
when I realized what I already knew
not everyone cares most if children have fun above all else on a field
it’s so awkward to share a sideline with adults who forget

games are measured in smiles, not goals

everyone should remember this
when the team is named the Blueberries or Cotton Candy Sharks
when the teams are made up of other people’s firstborn, secondborn
and when the town comes together on Saturday morning
with coffee in hand, we should all celebrate the attempts.
This I know.
I don’t want to hear otherwise.
After soccer season’s new sweatshirts were handed out
the girls got cozy with hot cocoa,
hoodies on, hands in front pouch pockets
for a movie I clearly don’t remember
but loved this time just the same as when I was their age
with doggy love tale, kidnapping never-really-developed story line
sun flare and bokeh and tilt-shift
make this 70s masterpiece really kind-a cool.
We dug out our ski tote, tried on all boots, bibs and jackets
fits again for another season, or almost all of it
those three, our girls as s-m-l to one another
ongoing giggles about flakes and snowmen and chairlifts
just like us, hoping a big snow season is around the corner
Sunday’s heavy rain threatened to
take down Halloween’s decorative porch cobwebs
but I just couldn’t be kept in
so the dog and I headed out
as the wind advisory of 50 mph gusts took warning
giant raindrops, giant maple leaves
giant puddles made three miles
mud-soaked, challenging
I was so much happier after all that movement
the dog, well, dog tired and soaked
after a wet run
to tunes unsuitable for children’s ears; hip hop is really good for the soul, the wag.
After sausage links, coffee,
eggs, pajama-clad cartoons,
we rain-suited for the pumpkin patch
dried off much later for baked potato soup
slow conversations with good friends
while the kids painted pumpkins, dressed Barbies
frosted cookies, ran this-ways and that.
Sunday’s late afternoon,
windy, wet
welcomed Macbeth’s rehearsal, grocery gathering
one more long conversation with a good friend inside her car.
The best way to end weekend days.

how was your weekend?
joining Amanda
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  • So much going on…it all sounds wonderful.

    Baked potato soup? I haven't heard of that. Love the giant pumpkin can't wait to go to the local farm pumkin shopping.

    Good luck with the partnership…I'll check the links out now.

    Have a great week.

  • whoops nearly forgot…just came back to check the shops…

  • karen says:

    I remember the games and I remember some parents not bringing their manners with them. Oh the things they teach their children without talking directly to them! Both of my two ended up in band chorus programs by middle school and high school and everyone smiles and everyone is a winner 😀

  • Tracey says:

    Oh yes, the ball field is quite the lesson in human behavior isn't it? Mike has coached baseball and soccer for many years and there have been times when I am sure my jaw hit the ground at just how ugly parents can behave.The children? A joy!

  • i love the thought of you in head to toe slicker fist bumping the sky because your girl was playing her heart out and with her heart. she could probably teach a few adults a thing or two so kudos jenn and mr. jenn on the parenting, you're doing a smashing good job and i look forward to the day my kids and your kids can kick a ball around together 🙂

  • ~ko says:

    I adore your writing! Adore it my dear! And I think it is sooo wonderful that you have sponsors! Very awesome. I'll be checking them all out this evening. We've yet to dip our toes into organized sports. I think next spring will be our first go at it and I wont lie, I've heard horror stories about parent behavior and I'm a tad worried about it all! Eeeek! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

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