Weekending into Fall in Pajamas

In many ways, my weekend started Wednesday
as the fog rolled in
Head cold, hit hard
anchored in couch’s quilts, hands clutched endless tissues
wishing Olive loved TV
drowning in neti pot’s salty torture
wishing Olive loved TV
just this once and just enough to watch it
all. day. long.
and just enough to watch it
longer than eight minutes.
Thursday was more of the same,
but better.
The Mr. left work early
to do school pick up and soccer practice and play time and supper and bath and bedtime and story time.
It was like an evening vacation,
except I was all feverish and all-over yucky.
Friday:  the younger two ladies and I wore pajamas
all. day. long.
the sweetness of my middle lady
cooking cereal, arranging grapes and carrots and ice water,
playing puzzles and house and librarian with her little sister.
The best part of being sick:
coming off ten days of tough we’ve-got-a-four-year-old daily trials and Luke working nearly 87 hours
to realize when I need her most, my Lucy May comes sweetly.
I used all my energy
up the first grader, pajama-clad
up the first tomatoes from a garden spited by summer’s spring-like weather
up the basil, uh-oh no fresh mozzarella just generic pre-shredded but whatever yet oh the balsamic and
salt and pepper and
…the snack I waited all summer for arrived on fall’s doorstep and had me feeling all the better.
Saturday started
way. too. early.
our babe missed the text about sleeping in
our big girl rocked the field, the goal – the soccer game
our middle girl had so much fun on the walk through the field to the farmer’s market
drew quite a crowd at the farmer’s market:  first bee sting, inner thigh:  poor cutie.
Saturday night
equinox music fest, good friends, kids dancing:  enough said.
Sunday morning was like all Sundays should be:
Luke up with the girls, the cereal, the dog’s unfortunate accident on the newly cleaned carpet, and me sleeping in.
Once up,
all three girls loving a 1980s Carebear movie (yup, Olive was hooked)
Luke says, Hon, we’re out of eggs, sausage
so I brushed my teeth, grabbed my signature red ski hat and sunglasses and favorite blue hoodie and oh, yeah I was still in my owl flannel pajamas and of course, with tourist season dwindling down the only people in the grocery store were people I knew, people wondering best how to compliment my flannel pajamas…
Luke and I
in the kitchen, door closed
hot coffee, hash browns, sausage, scrambled eggs
17 whole minutes of uninterrupted breakfast.
So worth shopping in pajamas.
Sunday’s second half was all business,
having signed on to be the costume designer with a really great mama-pal for the Fall family play at the theatre
and, BETTY GOT A PART AS A BUMBLEBEE so no need to remember this heartbreak
I went to the meeting and wondered how I’ll ever sew/design costumes for that many actors.
Oh, yeah
I also got accepted into the artisans market with that same, great mama-pal to sell kids clothes (she’s this monkey mama)
so the Mr. hung with the ladies while I turned out a box of goods:  skirts and bibs and shirts.
I’d imagine in about a month I’ll be freakin’ out under the constant hum of a machine, tired from weeks of thread wear.
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