Weekending into March, 2013

Today  really starts where yesterday left me wondering if people who live in always-sunny places can ever truly appreciate the sunshine.  with a middle girl sick on the sofa for two straight holy-high 104.3 feverish days of wind and rain, I drove out to the beach with a mocha, parked close enough to see the waves break, turned the tunes up loud enough to not hear the rain drops explode and prayed for sunshine.  I’m the girl who believes an evergreen tree looks best in fog.  I’m the girl who likes a late night walk in drizzle to the movie theatre when a zombie flick comes to town, and I love the feeling of a fast run out of an unexpected pouring rain.  but.  but.  sometimes the grey gets to me. and I was oh so thankful sunday, shades pulled open at the too-early hour of our three year old to reveal a bright blue, cotton ball cloud sky.  at the beach, we were one of five cars.  I couldn’t believe it, expecting the entire island to be rolling in the sunshine, turning cheeks to the wind.  and, as it happens on a tiny island, we shuffled into friends on the rock-covered shore.  we talked kite surfing, watched as they lifted, sailed south.  it’s mesmorizing to watch kite boarders.  I can barely fly a kite, stand on a paddleboard or jump high into the air, so I can’t imagine doing all three at once.  oh, add 49 degree water.  nuts.  awesome.

The beaches of where we live are the best playgrounds

with endless trees, cedar splitered bits to balance on, crawl over, forts to build, forts to explore lichen-covered, sea salt splatterd rocks to climb up

at top, a view of Victoria, B.C, The Olympic Mountains, Mt. Baker

oh, today opened in ways I needed it to

all three little ladies feeling fine, Luke taking the girlies on a long beach bike ride

so I could climb into this:

indeed, I almost didn’t continue

the noise of wind through grass, wave break below

heat on my cheeks

until I pictured cloud balloons, ran to another cove,

traveled over cliffs, tide pools

kept sight on the south point lighthouse

all before running home

a quick game of flying super-hero baby doll doctor (choice of our three year old)

I spy and hey, mama, want to come to my restaurant

before writing, finishing the birth story project,

beginning another piece

lawnmower choaking out the window,

trampoline giggles,

Luke making magic in the kitchen,

then bedtime bubble baths.

hey, today.  let’s do it again tomorrow.

coming soon  One month ago I woke after the fourth most amazing thirty-nine and a half hour period of my life.  I had attended my dear friend’s birth of her third child in a room filled with love and the best sorts of people.  I swear, my heart blew up.  And then that adorable diaper cover I knit went and fit her just perfectly..

My super talented photography friend Sara Parsons took these amazing pictures of the sweet family in their last weeks of pregnancy.  Sara and I work together quite a bit and she’s taught me so much about photography and telling a story in a photograph.  This past summer, on a drive over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge we decided to partner on a birth project.  And so, soon and here and on sweet Sara Parson Photography’s site, we’ll reveal the words and images of the most powerful experience I’ve had since the birth of our third daughter.

I’ll leave you with this silly picture of me, looking (weary and tear-stained and excited and exhausted and) silly found on my iphone that proves in the spaces between contractions we really did have a wonderful time..

and, oh yeah, you really must know there’s ONE ticket left to Write: A Doe Bay Workshop


as always,
joining Amanda 


  • Katie says:

    I can practically taste that sunshine – delicious! And all that seaside wonderment… Sara’s family maternity session is stunning.

    • Shanna says:

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      • Matty says:

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      • I have worked in environments like that and suffered for it. It was never, ever worth the grief that it generated. And though I have taken some hits for leaving that world I never regretted it.

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    • Posted on December 30, 2010 by I love being creative with swear words, especially since I have a potty mouth and not everyone appreciates it. So, I try not to be TOO overtly obnoxious, and therefore, I make up my own swear words that get the point across without singeing any hair. Heh. The older I get, the more I don’t give a hairy eyeball, but I do have a sensitive side.

    • http://www./ says:

      invece non è così per i camionisti che in tanti hanno apprezzato mia moglie nuda, stesa sul sedile quando di sera mi affianco a loro, dopo avere segnalato con le luci…

    • That’s a nicely made answer to a challenging question

  • Meryl says:

    If I lived close to those spots, I think I might set up a tent and never leave. Gorgeous shots, as always!

  • dig says:

    Oh I just love this, Jenn. The cadence of your words are sunny. And, now, I am off into my mountains. For, today we woke to a few inches of new snow and bright blue. xx

  • dying, dying, dying for some blue skies here and perhaps just a little hopeful bit of green.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the birth project. Sounds amazing.

  • Oh, that 49 degree sunshine…scrumptious. Can’t wait to hear more about the birth project.

    Also, I unsubscribed then re-subscribed and that seems to have done it : )

  • Summer says:

    your photos are amazing! what a glorious day! I’m excited to learn more about this birth project too. 🙂

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