Weekending into October

Friday night I declined mama-pals, wine, laughter
cut skirts for November’s Artisan’s Market
now 18 skirts under my (pressure foot) belt
up early Saturday,
pancakes, coffee, soccer games
en route to field, but mama, it seems like he really wants the ball I mean he talks about it a lot at school so I think I’ll just let him have it, I mean he’s like my best friend and even though he’s on the other team..but I won’t let him score on me I mean I have to draw the line somewhere
on the field, all smiles and manners
on the forecast, all fog and rain
on the playground all monkey bar lessons and slides
onto farmer’s market trek with pals
with afternoon’s apple plans
and by the time we were ready it was
all rain and rain and rain
apples, rain,
more apples to pick, pears, rain
so fun to have friends with a farm with apples to share
so fun to hear our tiny one say
more apple, peas
Dinner, bed time stories and a hot bath
or was it the other way around
before midnight sewing gave way to two o’clock in the morning sewing
before October’s Sunday morning with socked in fog
became asleep until nine o’clock in the morning
all five of us, pets too
and I savored every moment under the quilt, knowing it could be another season until
we all wake, late
and we all move slowly
through coffee and juice and eggs and gluten-free duck-egg pancakes
them on board games, me on the sewing machine
them at the playground, me at the theatre.
Sunday afternoon I measured actors for Fall production’s costumes,
feeling like I must be in the best place I’ve ever been
the costume shop was the icing on my lifetime love affair with Halloween,
sort of like the best vintage shop on the planet
and they handed me keys to it all,
all wigs and sewing room and animal costumes and heels and
you name it.  Everything.  Meticulously organized.
So, if every month can’t have a Halloween,
at least I can make the most out of this spooky season, right?
The costume shop is amazing,
take-my-breath-away amazing
like Olive and her horse-y mama sling
like Lucy and her crazy style
like Betty
and the games she plays.
linking with Amanda from the lovely The Habit of Being


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