weekending:: october’s ending

I’m listening to The Lumineers
loud, like ohh-goodness-I-have -neighbors loud
a perk of three little girls in school

surround sound, black coffee
I often do this with a album
repeat until lyrics, chords are second nature,
smiling at stanzas
just like I smiled at
Lucy’s Friend of The Week Magic Show
disappearing quarters, a magically appearing yellow ball
were her talents shown to her Kindergarten class
for her grand finale,
we hauled in an old Rubbermaid trunk,
magical, don’t ya know
As I said, Abracadabra
she was to crawl in and dress into a pink princess dress and head piece
become magic, come out as someone else, don’t ya know
behind the lid, she froze
close the lid and take me back home, she said
I only like doing magic in my house, she said
her pals sang an encouraging song
the minutes on dad’s video camera spun on
somehow, she came out of the trunk
though never in pink.
her friends didn’t seem to mind, didn’t even ask about was was supposed to happen
one by one they called her a magician, brave and tricky
some boys in the front wanted to know if it was a magic quarter, a magic box or if she was magic.
Lucy smiled.
I want life to be just like that
for her.  Her pals focused on the good, waited while she was scared
celebrated her magic.
movie date
Perks of Being a Wallflower
John Hughes style,
backwards dive into character
Allison Renyolds in Breakfast Club, Jules in St. Elmo’s Fire
so good,
not nearly as light as I expected
I was tangled in the story of it all
lost in the truth of high school’s memory
I want to see the movie again, tomorrow
told from the quarterback’s perspective.
Lucy date
hot chocolate, hot mocha
walk to dock’s end
first sip and then she drops the entire cup,
marshmallows at her feet
a seal by the piling
tears as a ferry comes into port
the long walk back, another cup ordered, a different dock walked
time to stand beside a salt water aquarium,
make fishy faces through salt water
shuffle around a toy store, order a donut
a date she planned, start to finish
the single most important part to being a mama to more than one
is exactly this:
time alone with each.
breakfast out
my most favorite meal to go out for
hash browns, bottomless coffee
cafe crayons,  little plates of stacked bacon
a swing into a bookstore
Wildwood Two
new, black, inviting
Lucy smitten with the free bookmark
evening before
Wildwood One devoured,
75pages to the end
one daughter cried at the last page
sign of a good story
I can’t believe all three girls sat through the entire book
this time, until 9:30 PM when the cover closed
it’s a lot of pictures made with our minds when there’s so many words on the page
time change run with the dog
slow, leave-strewn, a bit damp
hip hop mesmerized
with so many yellow leaves on pavement
as we ran by the parked school buses
dog thought they were a yellow pack
freaked out, nearly tore off my arm
oh, the hazards of my running partner

mending pile
so many holes in dresses, pants
buttons off, zippers snagged
then on to
a little lion on size 1 needles
bit like dental floss and toothpicks
a lot of talking with feet up, head rested back
you see,
we’d gotten trick or treaters on Halloween,
Olive’s birthday,
loud bangs on the door, the girls yelling there were strangers
two knocking and screaming in masks, big rock-star wigs
as I opened the door,
they bust into the living room
the girls scream, run upstairs
in just that moment, wigs came off
laughing begins:
it was Luke’s parents with a surprise Trick or Treat
all the way from Montana
having been at Olive’s birth
they couldn’t of missed her birthday, you see
just like that there’s piles of board games, new artwork on the refrigerator
meals shared, house projects completed
yes, it’s been a good couple of days
thank you for all who read my
published piece on Mamalode
I’m off to finish the edits on Halloween, our youngest’s third birthday

how was your weekend?
joining Amanda


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