Weekending: Oh, Snap

Saturday morning:

island cold snap

low twenties,  salty puddles iced shut

prairie grass stiffened like driftwood

early, a rush outside

turquoise sky

nose, lobes, lips, lashes, lungs

frozen before the top of the hill

I fall head over heels for days like this,

Montana on my mind.

Saturday morning: Daddy and Olive date

Velcro sneakies sealed,

lips pursed to my cheek, then a whisper

I’m going to Baby Sports,

just Daddy and me

just as it was when her sisters were three

not two years, five years ago

oh, where does time go?

soccer, t-ball, basketball mini skills

time together for just those two,

smiles, kicks, bat swings at a balloon

before noon,

a giant box turned airplane

tabletop crafting, duct tape, paint

dreams of flight, talks of dolls over playground or soaring over couch

letting it dry

a nap for all three

a hope the rest will soften Betty’s cough

picked up days earlier

school was missed

I dropped to-dos to hang with her

Saturday afternoon

asleep, all three

I completely waste time

searching vintage inspired bikes I won’t buy,

boots I don’t need

time can fly in the stillness of a home before it’s realized.

A proper date night at Lincoln

seated between two favorite couples

like the reviews said

the flick was fantastic

hard to not feel how history repeats itself

in the words of Lincoln, sounding more like Bob Dylan

amid too much popcorn and my favorite line:

Trust runs marrow deep.

Sunday comes on a clear sky

welcomed with a colder run

where an afternoon was spent in the best of ways

gathered before the swelling joy of a pregnant friend

new babes, abound

thinking of the baby we’ll all soon meet

reminding us all

a shower on a sunny day is a beautiful thing.


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