Weekending: playmobile and puddles

this weekend began with a lost dog,
this facebook status
Crazy dog, Tilly black lab great Dane, at large. Last seen running 50 mph down the yellow line of Argyle
three little ladies crying with the windows down

tearfully yelling, Tilly! 
out minivan windows 
splashed with rain.
we were rubbing her ear by the front door and she just bolted
it was really all our four year old’s fault
and I couldn’t believe I thought that and I knew that
and watching how sorry she felt just about did me in
must of thought she saw a squirrel,
I said
on our island without squirrels
she was found in a neighboring living room
eating beef bones and wagging on shag
thanks to an open door
thanks to the sheriff, 
we were all reunited
this weekend I crossed off 
half-marathon’s first heavy training week
twelve weeks to go
I got up in the darkness and ran before the rain came 
with lovely island mama pals
important tunes, important roadside conversation
at times I thought I wouldn’t make it
there I was at my doorstep
clear headed, awake and smiling
all as the rain came
we packed up the train and brought out the playmobile
they created a 
dream hair styles machine for each tiny figure
and did so,
changing hair and taking turns,
laughing and silly and happy
for four hours
After the sun set, 
I put on lace-y tights and boots and mascara and lip liner
I spent the night with appetizers and fancy foods and funny ladies and 
oh my goodness such needed conversation
there I was at my doorstep
at the exact time of my junior year of high school’s curfew
remembering my mom in the basement doing laundry
warm brownies on the stove top
there was a sunburn
a new mix tape in my hand
friends at my side
cicadas and giant oaks behind
a memory so real and vivid
left me happier, still.
sunday’s breakfast burritos 
and our littlest girl in tiny undies 
had me full on joy
sunday’s matinee
and me finding myself avenging a stolen much-loved item 
had me full on joy (in the end)
since I now have something really great, really funny to write my column about this week,
stay tuned
and here’s to a happy week ahead
joining Amanda


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