Weekending: Snowflake Confetti

Saturday stayed pajama-happy
pancake and smoothie full
way past noon
two hours of tv, coffee, knits, and snuggles
stop-motion Christmas specials
Frosty, Jack Frost
My girls said they’d like to visit
The Island of Misfit Toys from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
where the cowboy rides an ostrich and the squirt gun shoots jelly
I couldn’t agree more;
makes me feel as though I’m raising them right.
After a walk downtown
holiday present pondering,
candy cane devouring
an all out fit, tantrum over wanting to touch the jewelry store’s crystal whale-etched champagne flutes for sale or something like that at a jewelry store
quickly reminded us why going in and out of crowded stores
with three kids at dinner time doesn’t always work well.
Luke and I opted to pass on kids’ macaroni and cheese
only after they fell fast into dreams,
all stuffed animal snuggles,
made homemade tortillas
ate slow
smiled long
talked in full thought, without interruption.
In proof that my man loves me
in truth, there’s proof each day
he spent two days building shelves for my shoes
real slide-y ones
in the not-so-big closet we’ve shared for four years,
the closet with one rod and laundry baskets of: shoes, sweatshirts, ski long johns
now has order
and a smile every time I look at it:
Yup.  It’s the little things.
Today we stayed in pajamas
I tried my best to finish my first sweater for myself
my very own Christmas present
is coming along nicely.
We held a snowflake workshop
four year old fingers and safety scissors work well
it turns out our kitty likes
snowflake confetti: the bits and pieces of our craft.
Olive’s older sisters spent two hours
making her Christmas gifts
I can’t wait to see her open it
and She really loves Santa
and I bet she can open her own gifts now.
The sisters used my special Sharpie markers for wrapping paper’s/brown paper bag’s decorating
and special, lovely little things.
Yup.  It’s the little things.
There’s so much love in the little things.
Weekend’s end:
sharing a meal with good friends,
sharing a really good meal with good friends,

There’s so much love in the little things.

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