weekending [South Easter]

sometimes vacations are like weekends

this one started Monday
after a day spent with my least favorite pastime: flying cross country without the hubby
there was the youngest screaming Daddy! and Outside!
after waking from a mid-flight nap so, sad, so, so sad, disoriented
until everyone on the plane was sighing louder than my heartbeat,
cold stares thick like my sweat
really, about an hour and a half
the second flight found me with an allergic reaction to some weird Delta cleaning product,
eyes in hives at takeoff
I really must write them an email
then turbulance and an eldest daughter locked in the bathroom,
flight attendants were yelling at me to sit down
somehow we landed in Florida, I was happy
then a flight attendant said,
Are you ok?  I mean, is there going to be another adult helping you during your trip?  You look sort of…worn out?
So I said: Worn out, well, I went to a raging birthday party last night, complete with a real rockstar and with rockstar friends, took a 5 am ferry on little sleep, a three hour car ride and two planes.  Somewhere between the hives and my girl locked in the bathroom with turbulance I got sort of…worn out.
And so I wasn’t at my best on the flight
oh well
but then we woke sweaty in a humid room, breeze through palm trees
counting lizards in the lanai by the hammok
enough time in the day to really stare at the profiles of my babes
days spent in the pool with grandparents looking on, splashing about
as mermaids turned more mermaid


Grammy got to know youngest-granddaughter-from-a-different-coast 
got to feel who she’s becomming:
it’s the sweetest to witness


Mini golfing: I’d like to do it professionally.  Seriously.  I love watching my girls play, fall in love with a sport that takes a second seat only to croquet in my book, but one of the hardest things about being a Mama is most of the time, I didn’t get to work on my game, in fact I missed some holes entirely. I was fetching lost balls, wiping tears of frustration, taking potty breaks and celebrating their hole-in-two successes.  As Lucy said, It’s ok, Mama.  You can get as many turns as you want.  Just have Daddy build us one of these courses in our back yard.  It’s really nice grass, too since we won’t have to mow it and you’re not allergic to it. No wonder you like mini golf so much!


I hope it says somewhere in a Pacific Northwest tourist brochure that March is a month to stay away, unless you’re skiing.  So much grey.
So much grey and rain and wind makes the
sandy day of sunbathing at the beach
toes pointed into The Gulf of Mexico


girls giggling about with sand buckets, waves crashing
hearing the words Grammy and Grandpop daily 
a nice change
watching my babes and my parents
watching my babes
chase lizards, marvel at squirrels
search horizons for sharks
well, late winter in the northwest corner of Washington State
makes all this pretty darn swell.
Easter, 2012


For as long as I can remember,
my parents have always hidden an Easter basket for me
and it feels good to let them play Bunny’s role
this year my basket was about five pounds of mini eggs and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed
watching my rabbit-obsessed girl on the bunny’s big day


I believe five is the magic Easter age.  Lucy May was consumed with bunny-giggles and egg-joy.  She actually made up some song, Bunnies, bunnies I love bunnies and candy and eggs and baskets….and sang it most of the day.


And I thought she’d elbow her youngest out of the way for eggs, but she raced ahead to point them out for sweet little Olive.  Amazing.  She’s growing up, that one.
Today was a lazy day with lots of nail painting and knitting, napping and chocolate snacking
followed by a fancy dinner
the sort with slow food, marvelous marinades and sunset views
the sort of dinner you dream about eating when it’s February and raining and late and you’re serving oatmeal and smoothies even though it’s seven in the evening
but there were tired girls and times-to-think outside and tears
and spilled drinks on starched linens, upholstered chairs
so I’ll choose to remember the hearts of palm, filet mignon marinade
Gulf shrimp kabob
insanely smooth Key Lime Pie
dessert sibling gazebo races 
to hug in the special white house 
and I think in these moments if I had three boys
perhaps they’d make the white gazebo a tackle hut, a wrestling perch
perhaps not
at this moment, I’ll choose to hang onto sibling love

and, I’ll especially choose to remember
me and my little ladies all dressed up
waiting for the sun to drop
like a marble in gelatin

How was your weekend?
Joining Amanda


  • Tracey says:

    In spite of people being so unhelpful on the plane [what was with that?] I am glad your vacation in FL. is so much fun. I think you do need a putt-putt in your back yard; that would be so much fun! Seeing your babies with your parents is beautiful! Enjoy.

  • The photo of the girls on the beach with their buckets – oh my! I do believe that is my very favorite photo of yours thus far. So many layers, so rich.

  • PKJ says:

    Oh man. I'm basking in that sun, just from the photos. So nice that your kids got to hang with your parents. And extra nice that your parents live in such a pretty place.

  • Swanski says:

    When my daughter was born I let a complete stranger hold her while I visited the lady's room in flight….crazy! But I was by myself. So glad you arrived safely and got your Easter basket 🙂

  • We just got home from Florida and I was so glad to have my husband along on all of the flights to help. Long flights as a solo-mama are not easy. It looks like the lovely weather and good company made up for it though!

  • Erin says:

    This post brought me to tears… A hard but lovely trip… So honest. So real. Beautiful!

  • angie says:

    Thanks for a wonderful glimpse into your vacation! Looks like tons of fun, always so nice to see the grandparents enjoying the littles isn't it?

  • ivey patton says:

    oh those flight are harrowing, I know. bless your heart. but it looks like it was worth it. thanx for giving us the facts via poetry…i love your words. and so many thank yous for your kind thoughts the other day. just thinking about that made me feel so much better. so much. and i love the last picture of you and your girls…you could be sisters!

  • your weekend sounds amazing despite the hectic travels. had you invited me, i'd have happily broken my no sugar rule to help out with those 5lb of mini eggs. just thought you'd like to know, you know, for next year 😉

  • Amy says:

    Oh, SO fun! I hear ya, gray and rain, gray and rain, blahhhhh. We get desperate for sunshine in these parts too. When it comes, whooooo boy, is it celebrated!
    Hope you are enjoying the florida sun still!

  • Elissa says:

    love that you got to do this! beautiful. and, yes, if you had three boys there would have been no hugging in the gazebo. wrestling, maybe. fort defending, probably. uncalledfor and likely dangerous climbing attempts, definitely. but not cuddly hugging.

    and professional mini-golf??? yes, PLEASE. think we could form a team? LOVE IT. drive my family nuts because every time we play i find it necessary to belt out the old “putt putt for the fun of it” commercial from the 80s. greeted with eye rolls, but i know they really love it! 😉

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