weekending: summer’s first weekend

Saturday morning: early, bright and blue

Olive’s turn at soccer with family at sidelines in cheers, smiles

only three years in the waiting

yup, she was incredibly thrilled for her time to arrive

just before both sisters in the same age group

cleated around the sport that defines our minivan, our Saturdays.

at noon we drove eleven miles to island’s west side

set up camp in the local’s only campsite:

on a hill, just before a field, a cliff, a beach

camping always makes me want to give away all our toys

as they hammer, split rocks, name sticks like pets

cook with pinecones in a sand kitchen

with travels to a pickup’s magical land

summer set in nicely & we sat for hours

on the beach alongside westside & strait of juan de fuca

searching for moon jellies & driftwood boats

bocce in the woods, tug o’ war in the fields

s’mores & daddies & campfire guitar

all in an endless evening light

crazy, crazy clouds above

sherbet-striped sky

horizon’s Vancouver Island, B.C.

Betty, the oldest of the camping bunch

took some solo time

waiting for the sky to darken

which didn’t even happen

until well past eleven..

as always,
joining Amanda 


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