weekending: summer’s first weekend

Saturday morning: early, bright and blue

Olive’s turn at soccer with family at sidelines in cheers, smiles

only three years in the waiting

yup, she was incredibly thrilled for her time to arrive

just before both sisters in the same age group

cleated around the sport that defines our minivan, our Saturdays.

at noon we drove eleven miles to island’s west side

set up camp in the local’s only campsite:

on a hill, just before a field, a cliff, a beach

camping always makes me want to give away all our toys

as they hammer, split rocks, name sticks like pets

cook with pinecones in a sand kitchen

with travels to a pickup’s magical land

summer set in nicely & we sat for hours

on the beach alongside westside & strait of juan de fuca

searching for moon jellies & driftwood boats

bocce in the woods, tug o’ war in the fields

s’mores & daddies & campfire guitar

all in an endless evening light

crazy, crazy clouds above

sherbet-striped sky

horizon’s Vancouver Island, B.C.

Betty, the oldest of the camping bunch

took some solo time

waiting for the sky to darken

which didn’t even happen

until well past eleven..

as always,
joining Amanda 


  • Beautiful post – the essence of a Northern summer x

  • Carir says:

    What a gorgeous way to spend the weekend. I know what you mean about being outside making you want to ditch the toys, I feel like that too when we spend our afternoons in the park and come home to clutter, but then a storm rolls in and I’m glad of them again!

  • amanda says:

    i need to bring my brood and spend a summer in the nw. love your weekends.

  • Summer says:

    what a glorious weekend! So glad to see you back in this space! It’s been too long! 🙂

  • Cab says:

    What a nice weekend ! It’s important to get away; new places, different people. When you go back home you feel refreshed! Beautiful sunset!!

  • Chrissy says:

    So beautiful! XO

  • Cordelia says:

    Nice to see you mama! And enjoying you on Instagram these days, too.

  • Chrissy says:

    Goodness. What a glorious weekend indeed! P.S. I so enjoy your beautiful pics on instagram:) XO

    • Cordelia says:

      trs тут ÐАÂ¾Ãû¿¾Ð²Ð¸Ð½Ð° фільмів прості трилери, а потрібні жахи. де жахи? а я б ще горизонт подій додав сюди.

    • Frank, I thought it might be the claim to be a member of the Reform Club that people called me on. If you invite me onto your yacht some time I promise to teach you how to play whist 😉

      • Nettie says:

        Frederic (2 comments) dit : 18 février 2011 à 11 h 19 minMerci pour le post, Je n’avais pas pensé à soumettre mon blogue sur Yahoo ju&uqsrsquo;à présent. Répondre

    • I will be traveling to Fort Worth next week and would like to try Zumba on Monday and Wednesday. starting September, I will be traveling to Ft. Worth every other week until the end of the year. I’m interested in trying your class next week. I do Zumba in Milton, Georgia and hate to miss it when traveling! I will look forward to coming to your class next week!!!!

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  • Katie says:

    How perfectly lovely. It looks like you all had a great time. Those weekends away are such a breath of fresh air and a big sigh of relief. Have a great week, Kt x

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