weekending {the middle t}

phew.  this weekend: quick and full and sunny and fun.
did i say full?
this weekend started friday

opening day t-ball/softball/baseball parade
yup.  our island loves parades.

as much as our littliest girl
loves to carry her sheepskin pillow everywhere and at all times
even at a parade.
best family movie ever: hugo
with popcorn on the best family couch ever: we all fit
ah, hugo
i fear our antique clock collection might fall victim to the girls’ automaton dreams
saturday morning
an early run (well, more like a walk and talk) with birds and sun
and my two road pals
the borrowing of a mini donut maker
gluten and gluten-free
totally amazing.  i used muffin mix, pancake mix
and cream cheese for frosting
inspired by the amazing Joy in this post 
all before the big game
the big shirt, the big hat

we walked the middle girl to her first game

little sister, big sister cheering her on
so good to see her
in spotlight, at bat, on base
then it was off to a birthday
the best sort
brothers celebrated at a campsite, at a lake
fishing and s’mores and friends
and then it was a fundraiser
for community fields on our island
for if we build them, they will play, right?
I’m quite sure this island raises money like no other
hundreds of islanders
silent auction, live auction
still has me loving the idea of someday
getting certified as an auctioneer
i’d wear a vintage suit, swing cattle and antiques at estates
oh. some. day.
thousands and thousands and thousands raised
both the parent and the school board member in me
have fingers crossed the mark was hit
there were laughs, even better laughs, amazing bbq
and a hip hop show to end it all.
there was a baby on my back for five hours of fundraising
but the good husband took the ladies home in the end
just in time for The Good Husbands to take stage
sunday gave us more donuts, more sunshine
and sunday our baby girl
all tears
well on her way to three
so into her pacifier
we tried to tell her she can only have it when she sleeps.
six hours of crying.
daddy and betty out sailing,
lucy at a birthday party
so many tears for the littlest one
left behind
so before five pm
I gave her a pacifier
a bath
a tuck in beside a pile of pacifiers
I found hidden beneath a stuffed friend.
oh well,
we love what we love.
i just don’t have it in me to make her leave it behind.
not in the week i turn 36.
yup.  there’s bigger things to think about.
wishing you a wonderful week.
How was your weekend?
Joining Amanda


  • Tracey says:

    I love reading about your weekends, they are always so full of life! And your babies are just so sweet!
    A birthday this week? Happy Birthday!

  • Swanski says:

    Happy birthday!!!! Have you tried the “pacifier fairy”? When she is ready to give them up she places them all in a basket then overnight the fairy comes and gives her a big girl gift (something she really wants!)….just a shot.

  • ivey patton says:

    so much fun. and happy birthday. and binky battles, bless your heart.

  • Katie says:

    Loved everything about this post, except the paci and six hours of crying. Boo!

    Gorgeous photos, Jenn!

  • PKJ says:

    Yum, those donuts look amazing. Happy birthday!

    do you know any little babies? You could always try telling her she needs to give them to Baby X, who really needs them.

  • angie says:

    Sounds like a full weekend indeed. We started baseball too. Our son has been into running in the spring until this year so we are starting new!

  • your island sounds like a great place to live! and i have to admit, i rather fancy the idea of you as an auctioneer but spouting poetry rather than prices…oh the fun that would be.

    i hope this week treats you right, birthday and all 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! A fellow Aries, eh? I am sending good energy your way. I hope that the wee one will slowly become more accepting of giving up her pacifiers. It can be so hard.

  • Emily says:

    I love hearing about life on your island. It sounds like a wonderful community to be part of!

    I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the paci.

    Thanks for the intro to The Good Husbands — what a great group!

  • Tonya says:

    Wowee, what a busy weekend! I love that baseball has started again (but not too happy about what's happening in Red Sox Nation these days). I had two binky babies, and two who could have cared less. The two binky babes gave up their pacifiers at the dentist's office. It worked very well!

  • Jennifer says:

    i love your weekends (maybe minus the crying bits)

    so full of life

    hoping your 36th brings you many more joys!

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