Weekending: Their Last Weekend

I can now feel: 
the summer sun slipping away 
a cool breeze come early, before sun sunk behind evergreens
a walk at high noon
without sunscreen, jackets
soon the rains, the early darkness
will come
this we know
we make the most of it
now, in this space
and we cherish things like
walks to and from school with Grammy and Grandpop
my mom’s hairstylist career
her expertise in scissors, in cuts
making it fun
Olive just kept saying,
I really like this, Mama!  
I told her, 
I really like how my Mama, Grammy,
gave each of you a very first haircut.
All my sister?  Yes, Mama, I really like this, said Olive.
Friday night’s dinner reservations
a long and lovely stroll downtown 
down to the water
walking with the ones I love most
Grammy’s birthday dinner celebration
with fancy clothes, ferry views
and a granddaughter-made gluten-free cake,
no D included, no D needed..
Saturday,just perfect
with Betty’s very first soccer season’s game
sat at sidelines
cheer goal saves, goal misses
clap for forward assists, field giggles
while we struggled with two little sisters
who find difficulty in stationary participation,
sideline’s stillness, the slow zig zag
of heads as we watched the ball
all the while the two sisters wondered 
when after-game playground play would happen.
It’s these lessons of being present in family,
for cheering on our own 
without  boredom or complaints 
these lessons are tough right now,
such important lessons in life’s great scope.
My parents packed up, prepared for 
Florida’s long journey
so we spoke of seven weeks
worth: grandparent stories, adventures, memories,
walks to & from school
cured memories in hearts
as girls grew quiet
Olive painted for hours,
seriously hours
and titled it
So Many Babies, A Big Baby
Lucy painted a picture
so they’d remember her curly hair from nights slept with braids
so they’d remember her yo-yo tricks,
all around tricky self
then, as if the sky could feel our
change in moods, fill of tomorrow’s lonesome
the weather shifted to breezy, to a bit grey
to a whole lot of chilly
we hugged goodbye for not long enough
woke to an empty space in the morning,
grey skies
a much needed run with a friend
windows closed, sweatshirts on
and once again,
family far
thankful for friends near
and so I’m here
back in this space
with posts planned
pictures eagerly awaiting upload
after weeks outside and on beaches
after weeks beside loved ones
and much needed time away from
the ‘in’ of it all.

how was your weekend?
joining Amanda


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