Weekending & Weekending

i turned 36 and the computer stayed off
an unexpected bloggy break
much needed quite time
where words wouldn’t come
where board games and knitting projects and crochet lessons
where movies and conversations and novels
kept my time
i’ve missed it here, and you
so thanks for waiting and writing and reading
this weekend delivered a head cold
grumpiness and boogers as biggest symptoms
in between Barbies and Legos and endless puzzles
have i told you i really don’t enjoy puzzles?
i snuck out to my playwright’s meeting
settled in to that old space
conversations of character and narrative
around that big conference table
make me
smile; write lines on mind’s notebook paper
make me commit to a draft by October 1.
words, here we go.
sunday i slept in so late
i woke, girls already eaten
felt like a mini vacation with quiet, clean table
a hubby holding coffee, placing bacon on my plate,
felt lucky for sure.
sunny spring-like bike ride
to our local whale museum
our girls’ favorite place to play.
Photobucketlast weekend was spent with a very best gift
a best childhood pal, one since
the middle school hallways of sixth grade
one who stood beside me at playgrounds, grateful dead shows and even our wedding
flew to our tiny island
although I hadn’t seen her in years, it felt like yesterday
which is always the best sort of test for friendship
priceline, that crazy website, found us at the edgewater
a really fancy waterfront hotel
perfect for my past meeting my present
my very first and best washington girlfriend
the one who knew me before marriage,
found me teahing in middle school hallways with crazy tights and funky eyeglasses
the one who welcomed me at the birth of her last baby,
an experience i’ll never forget
well, yes, my past met my present
and got along just swell.
there were really good laughs
Photobucket in listening to two people you love find some much in common:
time in one small alaska town during one long alaska summer.
we walked in and out of latte shops
shuffled up from pike’s market
Photobucketfound dairy love at the greatest cheese store in the west
Photobucketsmiled big at a sushi bar
Photobucketseattle streets are so interesting
i even joined some goth-lead tour of child ghosts
down a brick alley
eavesdropping in groups like that is gold to a writer working on a book

we giggled down post alley to a dark english pub named the white horse
declared ourselves properly full at a fancy french bistro called marche.

great weekend.
here’s to opportunities
where past meets present,
birthdays are celebrated,
and mama gets a little time away.
yup, horray for weekends and girlfriends.
how was your weekend?
joining Amanda
[p.s.  random bloggy question.  anyone else use photobucket and irked by the switch of their edit capabilities?!]


  • Tracey says:

    Happy birthday!
    Had to say thank you as you inspired some cape sewing here for a certain 3 year old!
    Hope the colds are gone!

  • Swanski says:

    I have a friend like that, we've known each other since seventh grade and we always pick up where we left off when we're together. Happy birthday!!!

  • Katie says:

    These photos made me miss Seattle. Need to get back there; must see you and your fam.

    I've actually liked some of the new Photobucket features. Don't like that they took away the grouping/collage capability – since Picnik is now gone as well. And I still can't bring the size of their fonts down. Good and bad.

    Cheers to 36, friend. May you have a wonderful, blessed year. xo

  • ivey patton says:

    happy 36.
    this is all so beautiful and so pnw looking.
    duh. what i mean is that your amzing photography captured the feeling so perfectly. LOVe the bone shot. blow it up and put it over the couch.
    have a lovely!

  • i can't help you on photo bucket 🙁

    happy happy birthday dear sweet jen who weaves words like magic webs. i am always walking away from your site/words and feeling a lift in my day…so thank you. and the silence, i understand.

    your weekend with your friend sounds magical and full of good eats and coffee. perfection.

  • Maggie says:

    Lovely post and happy birthday. I'm not happy with photobucket either. I miss the collage feature. I tracked it down to fotoflexer.com but the images are poor quality. Boo! 🙁

  • MJ says:

    Happy birthday!! And I love the way you spent it, with good friends in a great town, full of memories, full of giggles…wonderful…

  • Elissa says:

    lovely pics and lovely friends from lovely time away. happy birthday to you. i'll join you at 36 the end of the summer. hardly notice the digits anymore. i am humming some Feist in my head now. hmmm. lovely.

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