weekending::father’s day aboard

there was a guest post here
an early saturday rainy run
with a great mama pal
hip hop, fog horns
funny pavement stories a-run
but it fades in light
in what really matter’s light:
the celebration of the one and only guy in our house
(the cat, the dog are ladies too)
this guy, my love
the one I’ve taken to calling Hon
without so much as a conscious choice
the one they’ve taken to calling Dada
since their lips could utter the word
oh, how we love him.
we walked the secret path
from house to marina
just as the light was beginning to fade
three little birds
hasn’t been in the water for two years
babes, house’s addition have taken our time, our funds
this year, we just scraped enough for marina’s bill
barely made it through boat’s repair
two launches gone terrible wrong
and knowing our family afloat would be
on. so. many. levels.
it’s just so fitting
third time’s the charm;
thankfully Friday’s launch was swell,
the third launch.
we packed the essentials
three girls beyond thrilled,
giggling in delight,
skipping rain-coat, rain-boot-clad
olive swinging her sea turtle
she amazingly traded in her pacifiers for
last weekend
olive hadn’t been aboard since
she was about seven months old
I scared, what boat?
Hold my hand, please?
Olive would say as we walked
dock’s maze.

pictures tell so much:
giant box Luke’s holding
freshly popped, buttered popcorn
Saturday’s show:  Over The Hedge.
yup.  we love our popcorn.

once at our slip,
the girls couldn’t wait to get down below
while Luke could tell,
You want to go walk around –
you like the fog, the light.  Go.
so I wandered docks,
listened to sea otters,
watched shrimp beside the dock
felt fog roll in.
the icing of evergreens.
once the ferry left port
rolls of wake
eventually evened out
sea like grey glass
a ripple here, a ripple there
I could not get over:
there’s so much beauty in reflections.
after a simple, one-pot dinner
coconut milk, rice, turkey, and garden veggies
we snuggled in for the film
Olive fell asleep on my bunk, my chest
her tiny hand held my thumb
all. night. long
I didn’t sleep great, so aware of her
the rain, the halllyards, the waves against the hull
it had been a while since I’d slept afloat
but the cuddle from the youngest was
so sweet, so tender.
in the morning,
bacon, eggs
hand-made cards, daughter cuddles
the.  longest.  hugs.
percolator coffee
I found the time to write him a poem
days ago
so glad he liked it, too
I may share it here
but I’d rather at an open mic
still, after all these years
I believe poetry sounds best
in a microphone, in a crowded room.
the girls colored
with a box of 174 crayons
somehow in all those colors
sisters still found time to want
the same one.
sailboat’s small space
brings about smiles quickly,
we talked to relatives far away
read stories, played dominoes
but it’s really just getting away
if only to road’s end
rocking along on the water
where we’re all together
close enough to really listen

in a small space
the dad, the guy
so much love around him
so much to love about him.
sure hope you had a fabulous
Father’s Day.
how was your weekend?
joining Amanda


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