and just like that it began
with a homecoming parade,

Mama, what’s going on?  Where’s the candy,
the horses and the marching band?
an explanation fell flat on sidewalk silent ears
dazzled by an intersection’s flash mob to “Jailhouse Rock”
afterwards, we settled on what I called penny candy
but instead cost fifteen cents each:
Sweet Tarts, Milk Duds in tiny boxes
Red Rover, Hide-and-Seek in a leaf-skattered park
high school football in a windy,
rain-soaked endzone so cold
all the popcorn and hot chocolate and borrowed fleece
couldn’t hold us past halftime
Luke hunted deer on both weekend days
leaving me to answer questions about
Which deer makes the best tacos? Do the deer know it’s hunting season?
and my absolute favorite from Olive
as it began to rain on Saturday’s chilly afternoon:

Mama, look!  It’s raining! Now Daddy can find his “raindeer” but what about Santa?  Will there be enough “raindeer” to pull his sled if everyone wants deer tacos?

On the sidelines of Betty’s game I had a moment
of tears, dropped knitting for mittened applause
a goal from nearly an entire field’s sprint,
banked into corner.  Sure, I was happy for her goal,
but to see her skip upward, ponytail bobbing in 41 degree breeze
all high fives to her teammates, all sing-song smiles to herself.
The feeling from watching that exude from her is just the best.
At Lucy’s last game she wore her new sweatshirt,
sleeves to her knees, flapping along the field
she was all force and giggles as she scored,
all sass and longing for her fleece sheets, begging for a bubble bath
before the game even ended.  And as the Sharks gave their final
team cheer, the blackest of clouds rolled in.
Saturday evening found us with a sitter:
a fundraiser, Argo
after-movie Lopez Island manilla clams in
white wine garlic with a side of
hot fudge carmel sundae
by the sea, by the ferry terminal,
a date on an ordinary night
dressed up, candlelight
so lovely.
Sunday’s pajama cartoon morning
smoothies at ten, apple pie at eleven
breezy walk about town
evening dinner with Daddy back from the forest
home to answer a million questions
really, it’s just the beginning
with so many more to come.
And just now,
down the stairs in flannel owl pajamas,
a doll in matching pajamas hangs at her left side,
Daddy, when can I go hunting?  I’d rather go after a turkey.
They seem like weird birds but I try to not think of how they look
on sandwiches…
I better go tuck her back in,
he’s asleep on the couch
a pile of hunter’s orange by the door…

how was your weekend?
joining Amanda


  • karen says:

    I missed our homecoming parade, it's a big deal in my little town. Hurray for scoring!! I bet it was a fantastic moment. Dressed up on a date? Well, that sounds so special and a treat. Our dates are usually jeans 🙂 Lovely weekend!

  • Tracey says:

    I do think deer know when it's hunting season. Mike has been watching a massive 10 point for months, deer season opened here on August 15 and he hasn't been able to see him during shooting hours since!

  • ~ko says:

    What a lovely, chilly, family filled weekend! I know I say it all the time, but I adore your writing style!!! We had a low key weekend over here, nothing but family time, crafting and snuggles. And deer tacos??? Might we see a recipe in the near future? 🙂

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