Weekending::Yardly Destinations

Ready?!?  This is a long one,
a post worthy of an entire cup of coffee
at least that’s how long it took me to write it.
I continue to feel so loved and validated and honored
to read your comments on [this post]
to hear your words on the sidewalk,
your messages in my inbox
to know I’m not alone, to know it gets better
well, that’s really something this mama needed to hear.
Thank you
big news
of a race finished, a 10k
good time, good spirits, even better company
now, feel invigorated
not as drained as when I ran the full, the entire half-marathon.
I felt lucky this morning,
blessed really,
to run beside marinas and ferries and beaches and one black fox
and those evergreens, those evergreens.
A beautiful Sunday.
The oldest’s half-birthday
half-birthdays are a big deal around here
nearly eight, half-way there anyways
makes me feel happy in heart and out of breath.
Saturday’s walk to the Farmer’s Market
all grey-drizzle with puddles
just like a bowl of popcorn, with raindrops like kernels, Mama, says the oldest.
So good to get out
after a morning where I made donuts and gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread and smoothies
that were so yucky and we wanted cold cereal and juice, no thick smoo-thiee drink.
Stands of mixed greens, irises, fresh bread, tomato plants
so much to see, stop and enjoy the joy in it all
In the craft tent, our ladies made coffee filter, pipe cleaner, googlie-eyed clothes pin butterflies

Music of an accordion, a banjo mixed with grilled Italian sausage sandwiches
the sun came out, we sat on grass
for way over an hour our raincoat-clad trio made butterflies
but when it was time to leave
the middle one wanted no part of it
we followed all the standard handbook responses
through yells and stomps and tears and screams
until she was carried away from the butterfly table
screaming No!! at lung’s top
Daddy carried her all the way home
where we arrived much later
to find her asleep in a pile of fleece in bedroom’s corner.
So middle lady was extra-sleepy, we get that now
but leaving that way in a small town past so many familiar faces
well, it feels like a giant yucky bummer.
But, really
who can say their kid never threw a giant fit in a crowed area on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon?
It happens to everyone, as much as it feels isolating when it’s happening.
Before the weekend,
there was a field trip with Betty’s girl scout troop
Before the week of rain and grey and mist,
there was a farm trip
and everywhere I looked 
I thought, there’s so much beauty in a farm.

Our little farmer,
not quite yet a Girl Scout
wore the shirt I wore as a babe
on my honor I remember wearing it
beneath those giant oak trees on Bliss Road
when Fluffy and Tiger,
brother-sister kittens,
came to the steps of our Craftsman home.
Each of our little ladies has worn the shirt,
fitting since they love chickens so.
Olive loved the 100 chickens so very much
even trying to crawl inside a coop
and show them her fluffy rabbit-eared jacket
when it was time to go,
I happened to call her name at just the right time
to take my favorite photo of her so far
a photo which captured the moment
she looked
more little girl, less baby
all the while in my shirt.
{Memorial Day Weekend}
We camped in the yard all weekend
flip flops, sun screen, inflatable big kiddie pools
back to back to back BBQs
naps and stories and finger puppet plays in the tent
friends and s’mores and pie and friend’s birthdays.
It felt just like August, like Summer came early
before it turned grey and rainy and puddle-ridden
we spent sunsets on the trampoline

_MG_7763When the sky changed clothes to black fleece, said Lucy who

took my camera after she’d fallen in love with our new yard lights
she said they made everything about our yard better,
I had to agree
I showed her the picture she took:
and she was so very excited,
Mama!  I did it!  I took one of the lights dancing, smiling.
The first morning
I’d fallen asleep with my camera in my sleeping bag
I could hear Lucy talking to our plants in our garden
the tent, unzipped
took this picture
a picture that seems to say so much about who she is
at this point in our days
I just love it
when she gardens
and sings to plants
_MG_7752 like I love the patterns of their feet, ocean waves
on the sand of the best beach our island keeps secret
tide pools turn dance floor,
kelp maracas, seaweed tambourines
drift wood drum’s stick
all the while giggling
I imagine where we’d roam
with babes so close in age
without negative tides
secret, enclosed beaches
miles of warm sand.
I know Montana well, so I sit back
legs outstretched, sunscreen on
while I picture cottonwood groves, glacial streams
as pine cones replace beach pails
and as I think back to all my favorite childhood memories
it isn’t shocking that they were all outside:
icicle collecting, skiing, tree climbing, sailboat racing, lobster spearing.
Now, parallel
my happiest memories with our own children are all outside.
Wishing you a wonderful week,
with umbrellas or sun hats
as enjoy your time outside.
how was your weekend?
joining Amanda


  • Tracey says:

    Congratulation on your run, that is awesome.
    I love the picture of your wee one with her bunny, too cute and wearing her momma shirt too!
    I want to come and play at your house, you fit so much in and it all looks and sounds like so much fun!

  • Greg Hertel says:

    Of course they throw fits in public but anyone who has had children understands and besides, we will get even when we embarrass them in front of their peers in the teenage years.
    “Mom, did you have to say/do/wear/ that in front of my friends?”
    At that point, remember that day on the beach and smile!

  • swanski says:

    I have a wonderful thought in my head of your sweet girl singing to the growing plants 🙂 That is a memory that you want to stop and savor forever!

  • congrats on the run! i must also add that i love backyard camping and dancing lights, and bedheaded girls in backyards. BUT your beach, your photos of the sand and water…LOVED!

  • Katie says:

    I loved every line but I think “friends and s'mores and pie” was my favorite. Love every pic just as much as the words. xo,k

  • Alma says:

    Newest follower here from NY.
    No cup of coffee but reading via iPhone, in the dark, on a toddler bed, with my Lucy asleep on my other arm.
    Life gets busy and I read when I can.
    Congrats on the run and all the fun in the sun.
    Your post is lovely Montana girl!

  • Love that you celebrate half birthdays, and that picture with the lights (oh my!) and when did your youngest start looking like such a big little girl?

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