Whidbey Island Birthday Party


We traveled off island for a special party. Two years ago (is that possible?) I attended Alex’s birth and it proved to be one of my most life changing moments. (Thank you again, Don and Erika, for giving me that opportunity. ) I realized I wanted to be a professional doula and have another baby all in the moment he took his first breath. I hope to share balloons and cake.

I baked cupcakes in ice cream cones and used frosting and sprinkles (jimmies) to make them look like the real deal. I substituted a lot of cake flour in the recipe so the cake wouldn’t be dense inside the cone. They were a big hit, especially with Betty who ate four without us knowing. Well, Don and Erika knew, but Luke and I caught her sticky-handed and wild half way through the fourth. It made for a long ferry ride that night.
The kids had a great time playing with one another, and Lucy loved hanging with the big ones. Alex had a hard time deciding between our gals, clearly fascinated with both. Betty seems to be cut from the same wild and vibrant cloth and regularly gives Alex a run for it.
Betty and her best friend enjoyed their time, behind a bedroom door giggling for close to an hour. They look like little girls together, so big, and in Paige’s words, “It’s because [we’re] growing.” I wish they could see each

other every day. But I guess that’s why they’re called childhood friends – they’re formed in the first years and will even write notes to one another when they become great grandmothers. Luckily, we only live a ferry ride away.
Lucy enjoyed her first taste of organic, unbleached refined sugar. I think the cream cheese frosting mesmerized her enough to forget about her love of strawberries, goat yogurt and blueberries. And Alex just liked watching someone else in his high chair, blowing out fire and nibbling on goodies.
I love birthday parties that are all about the homemade cake, silly party hats and balloons. Watching children try something that started out only hours earlier in my KitchenAid mixer makes me smile.  In another life, I’d like to own a bagel and bread bakery that makes birthday cakes for children.  Maybe it would also have a corner that showcases knitted items.  And vintage Pez dispensers.  And, well, I guess I’d need a pretty large space.
It is funny how crafts evolve.  I had seen so many knitted cupcake patterns that I thought I could make the wrapper from a sweater sleeve and knit the top, embellishing it with buttons.  I had an old green college sweater I just loved and couldn’t part with, even though I hadn’t worn it in years. So, I felted it in my washing machine. When I was done, it looked more like a head and a body than anything else.  So, project phase two was born.  I turned it into a crazy broccoli doll for Lucy. The hair took forever. Since Lucy loves stringy things, just like the yellow and white blankie my Aunt Helen made for me when I was a babe that she’s adopted, it was worth it.


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