Winter Solstice’s Eve, 2011

1.  Paper Snowflakes on Windowpanes
I miss New England’s distinct four seasons and snowy holidays.  Today there’s a bright sun balancing atop Evergreens and a blue sky.  Today it’s all mid-40s and bare ground. Yesterday was so grey, so cold that I checked my watch at 11:40 PM and wondered if the sun had set.  Yesterday I wished very, very deep for a snowy holiday.
2.  Tiny Gingerbread Sister Cookies
I love getting paper plates, wrapped in cellophane and loaded with holiday cookies.  Sadly, I’ve never delivered any.  In a season where it feels so great to give, I’m feeling bad about the lack of room in our days to bake for friends. We eat too many cookies, warm from the oven. Way past bedtime, large glasses of milk turn gingerbread bath, gingerbread pool.  Maybe New Year’s Day we’ll bake mini loaves for our buddies, delivered in warm aluminum foil.
3.  Magic

Last night, long after bedtime read alouds and sleep tight, Luke caught me at the dinner table smiling.  I was shaking our globes of wonder, resting a cheek tableside and staring into our jars.  I have always loved snow globes.  I have a Twin Towers one from my middle school’s late days, a hilarious Niagara Falls one with a tiny barrel and, seriously, too many more to describe.  I told Luke we should have made these as wedding table centerpieces and our guests could have shaken them as we danced to Let it Snow.  Luke said,  Honey, we got married in July.  Well, I said, snow globes never go out of season.  
I used some jars we had, checked the discount ornament bin at our thrift store and followed this.  The girls had a blast.

4.  Stockings
It took me a few years to knit our family stockings.  Now, I’ve finished.  They’re large enough for a loaf of bread, favorite baked item.  Olive’s was large enough to fit her two month self the year I knit it, and I love how we’ll always own that memory.  I have a Woof and a Meow one, since we’ll always have a dog and cat in our home. I remember asking Luke if he wanted his to say Luke.  He said, No way, I want it to say Daddy.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever been called and even when I’m seventy I want to remember how it was when each girl began calling me Daddy.  It’s just magical how memories weave into what we make with our hands.
5.  Sweater
I hope I finish my first ever sweater for myself.  I tweaked this pattern and it took me forever to rewrite it.  I cast on fifteen rows down, made the sleeves longer, added a seed stitch and some length to the torso.  I want to put a hoodie pocket on the front, knit an i-cord for a drawstring neck.  It’s looking like I won’t have this blocked and wrapped for myself on Sunday unless I go knit………now.
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