Write: a Doe Bay Workshop

In the past few weeks, I’ve learned the power of believing not just in something, but that something could actually happen.

The planning of something took my sleep, my attention from routines and those around me.  There’s lessons along the way to something.

I dreamed of a writer’s weekend that I would want to attend.  As a poet, I wanted genres that reflected my intake.

I longed for one where the emphasis was on the story waiting to be told in all of us. I didn’t want the story to be defined by its dimension, its genre.  For a while I’ve known songwriting as poetry, playwriting as a beautiful means to deliver a story, be it through monologue or climax.  I knew that when a story needs to come out, it’s important to find a path, a routine that works.  For a while I’ve known a story to be told though photographs, clever word choice and pairings, free verse, lyrical narrative, memoir.  I’ve known a story comes out in a comfortable space, as rich in landscape as community.

Luckily, my friend Jesse knew this, and, importantly, the amazing and totally magical Doe Bay Resort knew this, too.

And now, I’m so happy to announce:

I am thrilled and inspired to spend a weekend on Orcas Island with Matt LogelinStephanie Alison WalkerDaniel Blue, and Jesse Michener.  I hope you can join us at [Doe Bay Resort].

Registration is [HERE], Writer information is [HERE] and Tickets go on sale [HERE] Friday, January 25, 2013.

Proceeds to benefit the Liz Logelin Foundation.



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