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Olive asked again for Knitted Mama and Baby Duckies for her birthday the other morning at breakfast.  I’m still working on them.  I’ve got a tiny beak left and ends to weave, bodies to stuff.  I’m using this Ravelry pattern.
With lots of monkey bar skills talk in the house, I thought it was time to knit some more fingerless gloves.  In the mornings, the air is chilly and damp, cars need defrosting and fingers, noses are cold. These gloves get mismatched through the season, left under carseats and at friend’s houses.  
It’s time to stock up.  Here’s the pattern.  I keep these in the cup holder of my minivan, add scraps of yarn to the ends.  I think this year I need to make myself a pair, even though I don’t do monkey bars, I could use a pair..  But this pair is taking a while, so I better step up the car knitting as I’m waiting.
I’ve fallen into a habit like twilight infomercial addiction.  After our bedroom lights go out, I slide our Kindle from under my pillow and Try a Sample of another work of new fiction from the Amazon Kindle store.  Eyelids heavy before I finish the complimentary thirty pages.  Ten nights; ten different books.  I’m being really picky, and expecting to get so drawn in to the story in the first chapter that I’ll stay awake, download the rest of the text. Nothing has caught me. Where has the fantastic first line gone?  The page-turner new work?  If you’ve read one you simply couldn’t wait to read other works by that same author lately, please let me know.  I need a book where I’m rushing around corners to sneak a page, thinking of the characters throughout the days.
Somewhere in the bottom shelves of our local library, Olive checked this out.  She loves owls.  Don’t tell her, but I make up a story when I read this to her.  Lucy, however, appears when Olive is sleeping. She’s obsessed with the story.  
She wants her own pocket knife.  The boy in this book published in 1962 trades his pocket knife for an owl that was being mistreated by a group of boys.  The dad smokes a pipe, and there’s just a lot of tough times after the owl was first injured after a storm.  It takes place in Saskatchewan and since we’ve been to Whistler, Lucy thinks it happens at the ski area and I know she’s now on the look out for injured owls.  
First, oh my goodness have you checked out this coat made by the talented Molly Goodall?
I am so in love.
Last year, I was a costume designer for the theatre’s fall play, and preparing for a market where I sold skirts, bibs, onesies, and ornaments.  I sewed so much for other people, some I knew well and some I knew little.  I did custom sewing and random sewing.  It was a lot of sewing.  All I remember is an image of my girls standing in the doorway asking, When are you gonna make me something, Mama?  I was stressed, without a balance and it seemed to take the joy out of something I loved to do, or at least was just too much at once.  
I’m back to loving sewing, thinking about projects, selling small bits of things here and there.  I’ve always been a maker, and I just had to figure out how to keep the joy in the process of selling items.  
This Fall, I’m sewing things I love, sewing for those I love.   A long time ago I bought this pattern on Etsy for Ruffle Pants and have tweaked it for my long and lean pants-must-have-a-pocket ladies.  
During my last off-island trip, I found the sweetest flannel for the littliest girl in our home that’ll turn three on Halloween. 
I’ve got a ways to go, but I like how they’re turning out and can’t wait to see her in them, for her big three year old birthday party.  Sigh.  How is my baby girl almost three?
I work with this super-cool photographer and I made her a fancy ruffle strap.  She wore it in an Instagram picture, I’m wearing it [here] and just like that I started perfecting a pattern and picking out fabric, packaging them off and sending them in the mail.  
I had some pieces of fabric left over and made a camera strap cover with less flair, less ruffle.  The fleece makes it really comfy on your neck during long shoots or when wearing a big, giant lens and wicks away photog sweat.  I am so grateful for everyone who checks into my little corner through the eyes of my words, reads about our little pieces of life.  
I’d love to send it off with love in return for the love I receive here, in email, in comments, in the mailbox, in my voicemail. 
Thank you, so much – this is my 351st post.  Crazy.  What a whole lot of letters!
Please leave a comment, say somethin’ sweet or somethin’ funky, something that will make me smile.  
The giveaway will close October 16, 2012 and will be announced here on the 17th.
What’s in your basket, on your needles, and what are you loving right now?

joining Ginny for yarn along.


  • ~ko says:

    351 posts! Oh my! What a lovely place you've created here. I spend a little part of my morning with you each day and I always look forward to it! Between your photos and your writing I'm always taken to a place that encourages my creativity and my parenting! The camera strap is gorgeous and would be so fun to win 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  • Jennifer says:

    Ha!! We love owls too and I had to laugh when I saw your book. Every year when we go to Nova Scotia, we pass the town where Farley Mowat lived. We all yell out Farley Mowat because it's so fun to say.

  • Tracey says:

    You know, it's really a joy to visit here, to see photos of those beautiful girls and read your words, you are really awesome.
    Thank you so much for the mitt pattern, I am going to cast on a pair for the little blondie here.
    The camera strap is lovely and I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

  • momto5 says:

    those gloves are fabulous! i love that yarn. and that book sounds very cool. i think my 11 year old son would love it. 🙂

  • i love that you make up the story as you read the owl book.

    and your sewing and knitting and reading…you do so much to show your love to those sweet girls of yours!

  • ang says:

    You are so sweet to knit up those fingerless gloves; I love the colors you are using. Do you know of a good (meaning easy) pattern to use for a three almost four year-old?
    You should knit yourself a pair. I just finished my first and see more on the horizon.
    Loving those illustrations in that book.
    ang (peach coglo)

  • Ther is not one picture here that I did not love! Such cute mittens! I wish I were talented in the yarn area…I am not:( Thanks so much for stopping by Curious Wisdom!

  • PKJ says:

    I love your little island world with your three little birds. Thanks for you stories.

  • Ang, these mitts are amazing and work for me, all the way to my 4 year old. Seriously.

  • I just love your blog! Came back this morning for another visit after last week's visit made me tear up in reflection! 🙂 Saw the giveaway and thought I would have a go at winning something special and homemade. 🙂

  • Thank you for reminding me about that book. What a great copy you have there.
    Woman, you get a lot finished. I respect that!
    hereby entering your contest!

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