Yarn Along:: Little Lion Man & Reading Perks


It’s cold, and every time I leave home I forget my mittens. My fingers don’t seem to warm up throughout the day.  They’re crampy and stiff.  I knit too much.  When I run, they get all tingly and often go numb.  I’ve taken to falling asleep with rice bags in my palms, which helps. Anyone else have this issue?  Something I can do to make my knit-too-frequently fingers feel more limber and circulated?
I love tiny knitted things, but it certainly doesn’t help my fingers.  I got on the kick of things in Altoid’s tins when I started knitting chickens [HERE].
There’s a special little boy turning three soon, the one who shared my Olive’s due date of 11/11.  His sister asked very politely for a lion for her brother.  I simply can’t say no to polite five-year-old big sisters.
I hope this little man will be smitten with this little lion man.
I love the subtle change in dye lots, knowing when I cast on a scrap from a skein it’s from an elephant I knit our eldest for her first birthday, going again to the same grey heather and it’s a shade darker.  Olive picked the blue.  Somewhere along the lines of parking by the beach I abandoned the pattern, chose to stripe instead.  In my almost eight years of knitting I’ve finally reached a point where I can estimate the length to the bottom of a friend’s ear lobe from memory and knit without a pattern.
The weaving in of ends is the dark side of stripes.  It’s my least favorite part of knitting.  Maybe I’m missing a technique.
I’m happy to report this birthday hat fit perfectly and I’m about to cast on for another friend’s hubby.  I like this season of hat giving..

I’m finishing up the first year of my School Board Director 4-year term.  Maybe that’s why I read so much about initiatives and electoral commentary this season.  I typically don’t immerse myself in political agendas or spend as much time as I did this year considering the election.  I’m interested, and I can’t wait to see how things play out.  So much about what passes will change things for my family, our schools.  As I type, I’m overcome with a curiosity for results.
Last weekend, we saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower and it was so fresh and raw and honest I just needed to feel how it evolved on the page.  It reads a bit young adult, but it’s good.  I love a new take on something relivable and highly relateable.  I’m excited to find more time in the dark hours of night to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

What’s in your basket, on your needles, and what are you loving right now?

joining Ginny for yarn along.



  • Janie says:

    Ugh. Weaving the ends in is the dark side of all yarn work. I'm just doing granny squares, and every one calls for the weaving in of 6 ends. Boo to that.

    What a sweet idea of knitting little friends to fit in little tins!

  • karen says:

    Look up Raynaud's syndrome, I have it and I take meds for it. If yours is mild you need to always keep your hands and feet warm!! PM me if you want. Maybe you should make lots of mitts and have a pair in every pocket!! Love the lion 🙂

  • momto5 says:

    your hat looks great and that lion is so cute. 🙂

  • nunu says:

    little knits in a tin?! i love this idea…

  • I'm sure he'll be smitten with it…I am!

  • Tracey says:

    I'm sorry you suffer from such pain when you knit Jenn. I always have cold hands and feet, but mine are due to Graves Disease.
    What a sweetie you are to knit for a wee little one at the request of his big sister, that is so sweet.

  • Lori ann says:

    oh dear! have you used hot wax? home good stores sell a device that melts the wax, you put your hand in a disposible glove (comes with many) and then dip your hand in, the warmth is amazing and so soothing. the wax is reusable and a very good deal, i think about 40.00 for the whole thing. and have you tried arnica? it may help some too.
    oh, and if you use 100% wool (or any animal fiber) you can wet splice the wool as you go along. it's very handy!
    cute stripy hat and lion too!

  • Katie says:

    Yes to the book recs. I'm in need.

  • ~ko says:

    boo to cold hands! my feet are like that in the winter and it actually hurts to walk in the morning! I have heard about the hot wax treatment. You might want to give it a try? And the little lion is precious! I don't knit but love to crochet little animals for my boys. I hope they never grow out of it!

  • I love stripes. Hate the weaving in. Dang your striped hat…it's giving me the need for stripe knitting.

    And little lion man – so perfect, I love the name. 😉

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