{Yarn Along} Salinger, a Mitt Pattern, a Little More

With twenty minutes left before I had to drive out to the ferry terminal on Fidelgo Island, I stumbled into a used book store.  Inside, I followed a rehersed pattern and checked on familiar, much-loved authors.  When I’m in an affair with an author, I give my all.  With Salinger, I took him all in two short months many, many years ago.  I read every chapter of his, every archived essay on him.  I stood in a New Hampshire town on many nights and thought of driving to Cornish.  I’m ready to dive in again.Photobucket
True, I already own this book.  True, I’ve read it so many times.  But with such a vintage cover I couldn’t pass it up.  Now I have one to give each daughter when they’re old enough.
Back on the ferry, the discount card fell out.  All the more reason to read different editions of the same book.  I spent a good part of the ferry flipping the card through my fingers.  I’m a Massachusetts girl, born and raised, and a complete Kennedy nut.  Do you think it’s Ethel and Robert Kennedy’s son?  It almost looks like the signature of a ten year old.  
I just love the stories old books tell.
I regularly read a blog by a talented lady I knew long before we were married and before we became mamas.  She’s always had an eye for style in the crispest sense and continues to fill her days with beauty.  Some time ago, the gods at Random Generator chose my comment and I won this lovely bracelet from her giveaway.  I chose the word bliss because it’s the street of my childhood and something I seek in our days.  I love it.  Adore it.  Haven’t taken it off since I rescued it from my spider-y mailbox.  Thank you, Owl and Twine.  Thank you, Embellish.Photobucket
:::yarn::: Our third baby girl wants a knitted rubber ducky for her third birthday.  After searching around I found this Rubber Duck pattern which turns out to be knitting up just perfect.   I’m using Cascade 220 Superwash Quatro.  I carry it in the amazing handmade needlepoint purse I found at this island’s thrift store for two dollars.  Seriously.  Love the bag, and can’t wait to give bird-lover another yellow ducky on her big day.  Still trying to decide if I should knit up three babies.  Then, I’d need to make the Daddy duck and it might just feel as though there’s no end in sight to bright yellow yarn.
And as the season of frosty morning monkey bar practice begins, it doesn’t hurt to have a whole bunch of fingerless mitts around.  Our girls love these, and by the end of a chilly season the palms are almost worn through.  Just what I like out of something I’ve knit.  
Fingerless Gloves
[reprint of my pattern from this post]
Size 7 double pointed needles
1.5 ounces of Worsted Wool
Inc (knit front and back of the increase stitch)
I have a few worsted balls tucked into corners of my bedroom
Cast on 32 stitches loosely and distribute evenly onto double pointed needles. 
Work in K2P2 ribbing until cuffs reach the length you want.  I like 4 inch cuffs.
A.  Knit 12 rows in stockinette stitch.
Thumb Shaping: 
B.  Knit 2, increase 1 in the next stitch.  Place marker.  Knit to last 3 stitches, place marker.  Increase 1 in the next stitch, knit 2.
C.  Knit.
D.  Knit until 1 stitch before marker, increase 1 in the next stitch.  Slip marker, knit to second marker and slip marker.  Increase 1 stitch in the next stitch, and knit to end of row.
There are 36 stitches total on needles.
Repeat rows C & D until there are 46 stitches.
On the last knit row, knit to the second marker.  Slip marker.  KNit 3. 
Bind off next 14 stitches (creating the thumb hole).
Continue to knit mitten as long as you want.  For my seven year old, I knit 2 more rows before beginning end ribbing.
Knit 5 rounds of K2Pe ribbing.  Cast off.
Weave in ends.  Make another to match.
I find if I cast on an extra 4, they fit women’s hands well.  They also work great for short runs, or runs to the grocery store where handles are left in the damp rain, chilled with a salty air.

What’s in your basket, on your needles, and what are you loving right now?

joining Ginny for yarn along.


  • karen says:

    I think I see a duck there. Gorgeous bag in the background. why is it that everyone else finds neat stuff but me?? Oh well, it will make me visit the second hand stores again. Love the mitts 🙂

  • Tracey says:

    I think finding long lost items in used books is one of the best things ever. I have a letter dated 1946 that I found tucked into the pages of Thomas Wolfe's Of Time and River. It's a beautiful letter and begins with, 'Chissie darling', I just love it and wonder about Chessie and the author, Haule.
    Thanks for the pattern, I'm adding it to my book.

  • loooooove! love finding treasures in old books, both my books and the books of others.

    love the colors in those mitts – so cheerful on a cold morning 🙂

  • Mistea says:

    Perfect mitts for little hands.
    How sweet will that ducky be – lucky little person.

  • Erin says:

    Thanks for the pattern! The Salinger looks awesome!

  • Love that bracelet. Also, awhile back I won a giveaway on your site of little alphabet cards. I am finally using them in my kids' lunchbox and we all LOVE them. Can you remind me of who made them?

  • Lori ann says:

    what a sweet ducky that will be. i manage 2 vintage shops, when books come in, that is the first thing i do, check inside for treasures, love it. among the things i've found are aged plane tickets,recipes, love notes, lists, one was a wedding checklist, chicken .5 cents, dress 8.00…so great.

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